Bespoke Psychometric Design

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Psychometric test design

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd specialise in designing highly predictive psychometric solutions. In particular, situational judgement test design, realistic job preview design, aptitude test design and personality questionnaire design.

We work across a wide range of sectors and job roles. Our tailor-made psychometric offerings are as unique as our clients’ organisations. 

Headed up by Rob Williams – the highly experienced author of five books on psychometric testing. Our organisation prides itself on client satisfaction. We have many positive LinkedIn reviews from our big client projects. 

Psychometric consultancy services provided:

  • Test design;
  • Ability test design and
  • Aptitude test design. Encompassing all of the following:
    • Verbal reasoning test design;
    • Numerical reasoning test design;
    • Abstract reasoning test design; and
    • Knowledge skills test design.

Fit Tools / Sift Assessments

Digital Assessments

Game based assessment design.

Video interviewing assessments.

Bespoke personality test design

Peersonality test design clients include Reed, three,  and Talentful.

Bespoke situational judgement test design

Situational judgement test design clients include BUPA, Citibank, British Airways and Boots.

Bespoke aptitude test sifts

Aptitude test design clients include EPSO, Kenexa IBM and HireWindow.

Practice aptitude test tips books 

Firstly, Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book.


Secondly, our Passing Numerical reasoning Tests book.

Psychometric Test Projects 

Rob Williams has over twenty years experience of bespoke psychometric test design. Plus ten years prior to this spent working for several of the UK’s leading test publishers. These include: IBM, OPP, SHL and HireVue.

British Airways 

Blended assessment project:

  • Situational judgment test design;
  • Numerical reasoning test design;
  • Verbal reasoning test design
  • Personality questionnaire design.

For these two British Airways roles:

– Cabin crew assessment; and

– Customer service representative assessment.

BUPA Psychometric Test Design

  • Design of realistic job preview.
  • Design of Situational judgment test.
Beneficial Outcomes 
  • Best practice was followed throughout the design process in SJT design.
  • An SJT was produced which successfully incorporated a range of care home-specific scenarios.
  • The most suitable set of scenarios could be hand-picked at the SME panel meeting, as well as gaining buy-in and discussing implementation.
  • Providing some scenarios for telephone interview sifts.
  • Setting a suitable cut-off and validating the tool.

Lazard Brothers and AECOM graduate engineers

  • Situational judgement test validations

British Army Aptitude Test Design

Psychometric lead role with Kenexa IBM; managing twenty associates.

  • We developed over twenty psychometric tests;
  • Situational judgement tests for Officers and for Soldiers;
  • Realistic job previews for Officers and for soldiers;
  • Ability tests (including problem-solving test) for Officers;
  • Ability tests (including a spatial reasoning test) for soldiers;
  • Officer personality questionnaire;
  • Soldier career guidance tools.

Talent Gene

  • Strengths test design.
  • Values test design.
  • Validating data sets for above two tests.
  • Improving reliability and validity.

Education and public sectors

  • Numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning and decision analysis tests.
  • Critical reasoning aptitude test (legal sector).
  • Situational judgement test (health sector).

Citibank Situational Judgement Test Design

  • Designing blended assessments for retail and call centre operations across the USA.
  • Allowing for cultural differences in Mexican operations.
  • Managing item writing team for SJTs, ability tests, biodata questions etc.

EPSO Aptitude Test Design

  • Development of project management test.
  • Design of IT skills-based aptitude tests.

Test sift.
A sift-out of those candidates that are unfit to progress to the next recruitment stage. Based on their poor fit and/or understanding of the job role to which they’ve applied. For example, when selecting middle managers and specialist managerial positions.

Numerical Reasoning Test practice

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests gif

Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests has plenty of numerical reasoning test practice. As does Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

Also, keep an eye on our STEM career guides page for a more detailed look at different top jobs in the UK.

Psychometric test validation

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd have considerable experience in assessing the validity of psychometric tests. This is a one of the key final stages in any psychometric test design. Most recently we have been asked to validate situational judgement tests. In addition to test the SJT reliability and to advise on suitable cut-off scores which minimise any adverse impact (due to gender, age, ethnic group and disability).

Many of the UK’s and US’s leading test publishers have used Rob Williams Assessment’s to assist with ensuring the psychometric properties of their trial psychometric tests. We consult on how to improve any test’s psychometric properties, particularly the test’s internal reliability and construct validity.

There are many other types of psychometric test validation evidence, and one-off studies investigating a psychometric test’s criterion validity are common.

Psychometric test validation stages

There are several stages in any psychometric test validation study. Rob Williams Assessment Ltd can advise on any or all of the following psychometric test validation  stages. For example, the stages we’d use when asked to conduct a criterion validation study are as follows:

– Best practice advice on how to set-up a validation study involving any psychometric tool;

– Statistical analysis of the psychometric results;

– Analysis of the effectiveness of the ability test design; and

– Production of an easy-to-understand report outlining where and how the psychometric tool is adding value to the selection process.

Validation study examples

As an independent test developer Rob Williams offers considerable psychometric test validation expertise and has conducted a very wide range of psychometric test validation studies, including:

– Aptitude test validation i.e. verbal reasoning tests, abstract reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests (retail sector, leisure sector, transport sector, finance sector)

– Personality questionnaire validation (leisure sector, hotel sector, insurance sector, transport sector). See Published papers and personality questionnaire design.

– Bespoke personality questionnaire validation studies for sales and customer service staff in a call centre and for managers in the retail sector

– Selection process validation from online sift via phone interview/assessment centre through to acceptance (financial services sector)

– Emotional intelligence questionnaire validation

– Personality questionnaire validation (insurance sector). See Published Papers.

– Customer service psychometric test validation

– Graduate-level aptitude test validation of verbal and numerical reasoning tests (accountancy firm)

– Middle manager general ability verbal and numerical reasoning psychometric test validation studies (retail sector)

– Personality questionnaire validation study incorporating 360-degree feedback results

– Personality questionnaire validation study using salary grades (financial services sector)

– Cross-cultural personality questionnaire validation based upon managerial status and earnings

– Cross-cultural call centre work sample simulation psychometric test validation studies

Psychometric Test Reliability

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd has considerable experience in assessing the internal reliability of psychometric tests – a key stage in any psychometric test design. Many of the UK’s and US’s leading test publishers have used Rob Williams Assessment’s to calculate and prove the reliability of their newly developed psychometric tests.

There are two main types of reliability study: internal reliability and test re-retest reliability. Both represent best practice in psychometric design. Hence both reliability measures are key stages of a psychometric test development project.

Internal Reliability

An reliability value of 0.7 is the cutoff value for aptitude tests / ability tests. The measure used is called Cronbach’s Alpha.

A higher internal reliability value of 0.8 is considered acceptable for personality scales. There is academic debate about whether situational judgement tests can be expected to have internal reliability. Regardless of this Rob Williams Assessment ltd has developed SJTs with Cronbach’s Alpha values in excess of 0.8.

Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests

Free practice tests associated with this book are available on the publisher’s website:


part 1 Getting to grips with your test

  • Firstly, Getting started
  • Secondly, Practice makes perfect
  • Thirdly, Mastering reading comprehension
  • Fourthly, Sharpen your critical reasoning skills
  • Fifthly, Succeed on test day

part 2 Time to practice

  • Firstly, Warm up tests
  • Secondly, Reading comprehension tests
  • Thirdly, Verbal reasoning tests
  • Fourthly, Critical reasoning tests

Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Test Practice book

Firstly, the book contains hundreds of practise questions.

Free practice tests associated with this book are available on the publisher’s website:


part 1 Getting to grips with your test

  • Firstly, Getting started
  • Secondly, Practice makes perfect
  • Thirdly, Brush up your maths skills
  • Fourthly, Succeed on test day

part 2 Time to practice

  • Firstly, Basic numerical reasoning tests
  • Secondly, Numerical comprehension tests
  • Thirdly, Warm-up numerical reasoning tests
  • Fourthly, Numerical critical reasoning tests
  • Fifthly, Numerical data interpretation tests
  • Sixthly, Advanced numerical data interpretation

Literacy advice

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Aptitude Test Advice

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