Psychometric Test Design

Specialist psychometric test developer who works both individually for clients and leading other associates on psychometric and assessment design projects.

Most recently Rob Williams Assessment Ltd led a UK-wide project managing over twenty occupational psychologists including leading global psychometricians. A range of situational judgement tests, ability tests (numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, problem-solving and spatial), motivation & personality questionnaires and realistic job previews.

Freelance Psychometric Test Design Specialities

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd offers a range of freelance psychometric test design and assessment services specializing in the psychometric test design (of ability tests, situational judgement tests, personality questionnaires and realistic job previews). In particular Rob Williams specialises in these psychometric test design services:

Ability / aptitude test design and item design (verbal reasoning test design, numerical reasoning test design, planning aptitude test, IT aptitude test, abstract reasoning test design, diagrammatic reasoning test design)
Situational judgement test design
Motivation questionnaire and values questionnaire design
Personality questionnaire design
Realistic job preview design

Psychometric Test Design Advice

If an off-the-shelf test or assessment tool does not meet your requirements, Rob Williams Assessment Ltd can develop a new psychometric test design that does. Having designed many personality and ability tests for a wide range of sectors and job roles, Rob Williams Assessment Ltd will work closely with your organisation throughout every design stage. Please contact us to discuss any psychometric test design projects:
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