Bespoke Psychometric Design

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Psychometric test design

We specialise in bespoke assessment tools. We work across a wide range of sectors and job roles. Our tailor-made psychometric offerings are as unique as our clients’ organisations.

Our online platform has the most popular personality tests. Plus, the best aptitude test designs on the market today. These come from several test publishers.

Psychometric test properties

How can we check your test’s psychometric properties? Well, we can also analyse the psychometric test reliability of your tools. Plus, we offer psychometric validation studies.

Psychometric Test Design Services

Fit Tools / Sift Assessments

Digital Assessments

Game based assessment design.

Video interviewing assessments.

Bespoke personality test design

Past bespoke personality test design clients include Reed, three,  and Hire Window.

Several bespoke leadership tools.

Coaching motivational fit tool.

Bespoke situational judgement test design

Our past bespoke situational judgement test design clients include BUPA, Citibank, British Airways and Boots.

Bespoke aptitude test sifts

Our past bespoke aptitude test design clients include EPSO, Kenexa IBM and Assessment Day.

Practice aptitude test tips books 

Firstly, Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book.


Secondly, our Passing Numerical reasoning Tests book.

Bespoke aptitude test design projects

– Ability tests for graduates, including problem-solving aptitude tests and abstract reasoning tests.

– UKCAT test practice questions for several clients. Each project encompassed:

  • Verbal reasoning practice tests;
  • Numerical reasoning practice tests,
  • Abstract reasoning practice tests and
  • Decision-making practice aptitude tests.

– Firstly, verbal analogies test.
– Secondly, ability tests at basic, graduate and at senior managerial levels.
– Thirdly, numeracy tests.
– Fourthy, practice critical reasoning ability tests (for the LNAT); and critical reasoning tests.
– Next, literacy tests.
– Finally, sorting tests, checking tests and other administrative level tests.