11 Plus Non verbal reasoning tips

Firstly, in the 11 Plus non verbal reasoning sections, pupils have to go beyond their core subject skills. For example, mentally rearrange shapes, break codes and tackle other tough questions. It’s more like figuring out a Sunday morning Sudoku.

Non verbal reasoning examples

In the occupational sector, non verbal reasoning tests are called abstract reasoning tests.

Here are two common examples of non verbal reasoning test use.

GRADUATE Bespoke Test Rationale

  • Graduates have a broad range of aptitude.
  • Non verbal reasoning is difficult to practice for.
  • It is used by the most selective recruiters, such as banking and law firms.
  • Non verbal reasoning testing is popular to reveal the most able graduates.

MANAGER Bespoke Test Rationale

  • There are 6-8 typical formats.
  • For example, the abstract reasoning test format for the UKCAT.
  • Rob Wiliimas Assessment helped to design TalentQ’s very popular abstract reasoning / non verbal reasoning test.

Passing Numerical reasoning Tests

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests gif

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