Test design

Psychometric test Design

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd offers expertise in psychometric test design. Please contact us to discuss how Rob Williams Assessment Ltd can help your company in any of these psychometric test designs:

Fit Tools / Sift Assessments

Aptitude test types

Verbal reasoning tests, or literacy tests:

  • Spelling and grammar for clerical jobs.
  • Verbal critical reasoning for managers and graduates.

Numerical reasoning tests, or numeracy tests

  • Simple arithmetic calculations (addition; subtraction; multiplication; division)
  • Fractions; percentages; ratios etc

Numerical critical reasoning tests

  • These require inferences to be drawn from mathematical data

Data Interpretation Tests

Sorting Tests

Spatial Reasoning tests

Diagrammatic tests

  • Logical reasoning ability tests
  • Present abstract shapes and diagrams.

Spatial reasoning tests

  • Assess the ability to think in three dimensions i.e. to imagine the rotation of shapes in space.
  • Used in design and engineering role assessment, where it’s key to understand how parts of machinery work together.

Mechanical reasoning tests

  • Mechanical problems, usually presented as diagrams
  • Used to assess a wide range of skilled apprentice roles and, at more difficult levels, engineers.

Clerical tests

  • Clerical tests measure speed and accuracy in checking for errors in lists. Firstly, for example, checking for errors in postcodes. Secondly, for errors in computer code.

Checking tests

  • Checking tests are suitable for assessing filing and classification skills.

Many jobs require accuracy in the reading and transfer of information. For example, reading customer details and checking customer information onscreen or otherwise. Firstly, such skills and abilities are particularly important in call centres. Secondly, in any data input or analyst roles in which large sets of data are handled. Using an error checking test would indicate how effectively someone can quickly and accurately work with such data sets.