Abstract reasoning test design

Abstract Reasoning Test Design Process

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd have created many abstract reasoning tests. Typically, these are the test design stages for an abstract reasoning test:

Identification of test needs
– Determine the most suitable means of assessing abstract reasoning
– Establish the appropriate difficulty level for the target audience

Item template creation
– Create draft examples of the abstract reasoning item format(s)
– Write abstract reasoning test items to the above specification

Item design specification
– Ensure that there are sufficient abstract reasoning item types within each category of the abstract reasoning item writing design specification
– Design input to draw abstract reasoning item content

Item trialling
– Produce a trial abstract reasoning test
– Arrange for a suitable group of trial subjects
– Run the abstract reasoning test trials

Item analysis / Descriptive statistics
– Analyse the abstract reasoning test trial results using the descriptive statistics, reliability functions in SPSS
– Determine which abstract reasoning items work and which do not
– Produce a final abstract reasoning test

Abstract Reasoning Test Design Example – UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Test

New format 2015 UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Practice Test

New format 2015 UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Practice Test answers