Army Test Practice

We believe we offer the best free practice test resources. We believe you will find our free army Test Practice resources very easy to download and use!

First, there is the fee-based option, from JobTestPrep’s list of Army aptitude tests, RAF aptitude test practice and general aptitude tests practice.

Free Army test practice

Secondly, Army tests were created by Rob Williams, alongside a team of psychometricians. Plus, we designed, several Officer-based situational judgement tests. And a ‘Soldier’ situational judgment test. Plus, Verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning tests for use at ADSC.

Also, we designed a bespoke personality questionnaire for Army Officer ADSC selection centre at Sandhurst. Plus, a decision-making test was also created for Army Officers.

Army test practice sites

Practice tests, assessment advice, application tips etc can be found in these Army test practice sites:

New Army Test Designs

Most recently, Rob Williams Assessment has been working with the British Army to develop numerical reasoning test designs for trainee soldiers and for trainee Officers in the Army.

In our opinion this is one of the largest test development projects of its kind. It involved many strands of Army test design. Firstly, designing over 20 SJTs. Then, two realistic job previews.

Also, we designed three ability tests. Plus, personality questionnaires. Finally, career guidance tests.

Free Armed Services – Army practice test materials

In our opinion, you should start with our own free Armed Services practice aptitude tests below. Firstly, Practice Literacy Test. Secondly, RAF Practice Test Links. Thirdly, Navy practice aptitude tests

Army Test Practice – Literacy test practice

Free literacy test practice, including Literacy test practice.

Practice Literacy tests for each of the four Professional Skills literacy skills test formats: Professional Skills spelling test and Practice Professional Skills spelling test answers.

Plus, Grammar verbal reasoning test. Answers to grammar verbal reasoning test answers. Also, Punctuation verbal reasoning test. Answer set for punctuation verbal reasoning test answers.And Verbal reasoning test, including Comprehension verbal reasoning test answers.

Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book


Army training tests

The three key abilities in Army training:

Firstly, numerical ability.

We define this as the ability to solve data problems / analyse stats.

Secondly, verbal ability; understanding written information.

Thirdly, spatial ability.

This is the very important ability to identify patterns. Also, the relationships between shapes.


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