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This page contains many useful and high quality Army practice test materials. Plus our own free practice psychometric test options listed below.

Army Practice Test Materials

Army aptitude tests

RAF aptitude test practice

General aptitude tests practice

  • Army Aptitude Testing

    The British Army use a wide range of psychometric tests. This is for both Army Officer Selection Board (the AOSB) and for Soldier Selection.

    Soldier Aptitude Testing Introduction

    • The British Army Recruit Battery test (the BARB) is used as the first part. Plus, several physical fitness tests.
    • Your BARB score determines your suitable soldier roles. This is on the basis of cut-off scores. The known score ranges equate to your level of reasoning abilities. There are 5 Army soldier aptitude sub-tests.
    • Reasoning test / logical reasoning ability test.
    • Letter checking.
  • Number distance.
  • Odd one out word test.
  • Symbol rotation test.

Free Armed Services – Army practice test materials

In our opinion, you should start with our own free Armed Services practice aptitude tests below.

Firstly, Practice Literacy Test

Secondly, RAF Practice Test Links

Thirdly, Navy practice aptitude tests

Free Psychometric Test Practice

Army Aptitude Test Design

Rob Williams Assessment has worked extensively with the British Army. We developed numerical reasoning test designs for trainee soldiers. Also, for trainee Officers in the Army. This large project involved:

  • Designing over 20 SJTs.
  • 2 realistic job previews.
  • 2 ability tests (numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning).
  • Personality questionnaires and
  • Career guidance tests.

The three primary abilities are key to Army training:

  • Firstly, Numerical ability.
  • Secondly, Verbal ability.
  • Thirdly, Spatial ability.

Army Officer Aptitude Test Design

In 2013/14 , for Army Officers a bespoke situational judgement test and a realistic job preview was designed. Additional Army Officer tests were created at the same time:

  • Army Officer verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning tests were created.
  • A bespoke Army Officer personality questionnaire for use at the ADSC selection centre at Sandhurst.
  • A decision-making test was also created for Army Officers.

Army Soldier Practice Test Design

First of all, a situational judgement test. Secondly,  a realistic job preview was designed for Army soldiers. The most effective questions were kept based on the trial results analysis. So, to summarise, two tests were created. An Army soldier numeracy skills. Plus, a Soldier literacy skills test.

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