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RAF aptitude test practice

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RAF practice aptitude test; and aptitude test practice.

Aptitude Test Practice – RAF

For additional RAF test practice we also recommend using these very useful and reasonably priced RAF practice aptitude tests.

RAF Aptitude Test Practice

Our own free RAF practice verbal reasoning test are shown below. First, here is the test battery used in the RAF Airman Selection Test.

RAF Practice Aptitude Test Intro

First of all, Verbal reasoning

Second, Numerical reasoning

Third, Work rate

Next, Spatial reasoning

And next, Electrical comprehension

Then, Mechanical comprehension

Last of all, Memory

Applying to the RAF takes several months. The staged selection process involves interviews, a fitness test, and aptitude tests. Your tests depend upon your career choice.

In the RAF Verbal Reasoning Test Instructions, you advised of these steps: firstly, you will be presented with an introductory passage. This passage comprises of one to three sentences followed by a number of statements.

Secondly, read the passage then decide which answer option is correct. The real test has twenty questions. You have fifteen minutes. That’s four questions on average every three minutes. We therefore advise that when you practice you time yourself. Keep asking yourself, how close am I to achieving this benchmark?

e Tests – Numerical Reasoning 

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test for the RAF

RAF Answers

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF

Answers for RAF practice Test 2

Free Armed Services practice aptitude tests

Firstly, Army practice aptitude tests.

Secondly, Navy practice aptitude tests.

Thirdly, RAF application process.

Fourthly, Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 1 for the RAF

Next, Answers for RAF Test 1.

Then, Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF

Finally, Answers for RAF Test 2.

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