Assessment Centre practice

In our opinion we prefer to offer free practice materials and practice tips are free. We hope you enjoy using them for your assessment centre practice.

We have partnered with Job Test Prep to offer you additional assessment centre practice materials.

Graduate Employer Assessment Centre Practice

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How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre

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Our Free Practice Assessment Centre Resources

These are divided by assessment centre exercise:

Other practices sites also offer practice assessment centre materials so you can practice assessment centre components:

Defamiliarization assessment centres

These use defamiliarisation exercises to take candidates out of their comfort zones to really test their abilities. The only true way to assess someone’s natural capabilities is to take them out of their comfort zone . These cannot be prepared for since there is no obvious right or wrong approach. Candidates must rely on their natural strengths and innate abilities.

Virtual assessment centres

It’s important for graduate applicants to demonstrate they can collaborate across country borders. Online, “virtual” assessment centres provide a realistic job preview of team working in a digital age. Efficient virtual assessment centres are becoming increasingly popular.

Flash Mob assessment centres

Most University campuses have careers fairs in which graduate employers can attract final year students. The term “flash mob” is applied to assessment events run at such specific locations.

Your Assessment Centre Day

Assessment Centre Tips

Our advice is to follow these assessment centre tips:

  • Firstly, ask yourself as you read the instructions:
    1.  What are the key things I am being asked to do here?
    2. How can I demonstrate that I have the right skillset?
    3. What should I avoid doing?
  • Also, don’t ask for any hints or assessment centre tips of that nature.                                  
  • Don’t skim read any of the Instructions.
  • Plus, work calmly and steadily through each exercise.
  • Do not spend too long on a single part of each exercise.
  • Finally, keep a positive attitude..

Assessment Centre Feedback

Receiving assessment centre feedback is a key learning opportunity for you. Firstly, you should always accept this gratefully. Secondly, stay engaged in the process.

Finally do not do any of these: criticise any exercise; compare your performance with the other candidates; or assume that the feedback is your opportunity to improve the overcome.

Psychometric Profile Interpretation

Remember, the following points about your personality profile:

  • First, there is limited time in your feedback interview so an overview is always given.
  • Second, a personality test measures your behavioural preferences. How you typically behave.
  • Finally, may think of instances when you behaved differently to a particular personality trait. That’s fine. It’s how you typically behaviour that the personality test profile relates to.