Game based assessment companies

Game assessment design is a highly specialised design process so only a few companies have developed a suite of GBA tools. Rob Williams Assessment Ltd work with MINDX.

Gamified assessments

Bringing precision and personalisation to volume assessment  I  Santander

Improving the accuracy and efficiency of candidate selection  I  RSA Insurance

Want to Work for Jaguar Land Rover? Start Playing Phone Games I  Jaguar Land Rover

Gamification: Competing for engagement I  KPMG

MINDX Blogs 

Introducing Game Based Assessment into Your Recruitment Process.

Why Fluid Intelligence Matters Most for Job Performance

Can Machine Learning Tell Us How Smart You Are?

We work with London’s leading digital assessment design company MindX.

We’ve also worked with bespoke digital assessment provider Sova Assessment Ltd‘s team of assessment experts.

Call centre recruitment in the digital age

Bringing precision and volume assessment to Santander

Improving the accuracy and efficiency of candidate selection

Sova Assessment / Alexander Mann Solutions also offer the first suite:

Assessment Consulting product suite with Alexander Mann Solutions

Recruitment and Social Mobility: Are your recruitment processes unintentionally biased


Other Games Assesment Companies

Previously Rob Williams Assessment has also worked with the London-based game based assessment company ARCTIC SHORES

Using games for graduate selection – what’s the score?

Games-based assessments are the future

Other leading GBA suppliers are based in Australia (The new Generation of Cognitive Assessment |  Revellian ), or in the USA, for example:



     PYMETRICS games on Android

Play games, get hired

     Pymetrics; Play games, get a job

Here are a few more niche game based assessment providers – still offering some innovative products and approaches:

Persona Labs



AI Assessment

Rob Williams Assessment worked with the AI Assessment company Human as an integral part of their specialist team of data scientists, plus a micro expression coder.

Human’s AI Recruitment mission – similar to my input to MindX’s AI work – is to make innovative advances in the  human-tech relationship.

AI Assessment News

AI adoption is on the rise for recruitment and assessment.

There have been other high profile AI developments in the business press, such as Google’s AutoML initiative. AutoML lets you build bepoke machine learning models without having to actually do any of the much more specialist coding. The intention is clearly to encourage a wider adoption of AI. Sounds good, although of course rival AI influencer Microsoft already has its own version of this latest AI trend.


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