Professional Skills Literacy practice tests

Professional Skills literacy practice tests are the main focus of this post.

There are four different Professional Skills Literacy test formats.

Practice examples of four different types of verbal reasoning test are provided below. The first type consists of a single sentence containing a word in brackets. Replace this word with the most viable alternative. Of the five multiple-choice alternatives suggested, select the one that comes closest in meaning to the word in italics.

Firstly, LITERACY Practice Test Type 1 Questions.

Verbal reasoning tests may also take the form of analogies, where the respondent’s vocabulary and knowledge of simple verbal relationships is being tested as part of their overall verbal reasoning ability. Some examples of this type of verbal reasoning test practice are given below. Interpret the meaning that connects the word shown in large type on the left-hand side (i.e. spider in the first question) with the word shown in small type on the right-hand side (i.e. web). Apply the same verbal reasoning to connect the second word shown in large print on the left-hand side (i.e. duck) with one of the multiple-choice answer options.

Secondly, LITERACY Practice Test Type 2 Questions.

Verbal tests may also take the form of antonyms. Some examples of this type of verbal reasoning test practice are given below. Select the multiple-choice option that is the opposite in meaning to the word shown in bold print.

Thirdly, LITERACY Practice Test Type 3 Questions.

Verbal tests may also take the form of selecting the odd word out from a group of words. Some examples of this type of verbal reasoning test practice are given below. Identify the common connection between four of the five words and then choose the multiple-choice option corresponding to the odd word out.

Fourthly, LITERACY Practice Test Type 4 Questions.

Practice English test answers

Here are our answers to the above Practice English tests

Analogies Verbal Test answers

Antonyms Verbal Test answers

Literacy answers

Odd One Out answers

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Professional Skills literacy practice tests

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