Best Assessment Practice

Why use Assessment?

An assessment allows the candidate to demonstrate abilities in practice. Whereas an interview cannot do this.

That said, a well conducted, structured interview should form the foundation of every selection process, For this reason it is typically still used as the final stage of recruitment.

Assessment Fairness

Additional methods of assessment can, therefore:

  1. improve the quality and quantity of information on which to base the selection decision
  2. allow candidates to demonstrate how they meet requirements, rather than relying on self-report and performance at interview.

The most effective way of predicting job performance is to use a mix of assessment methods and look at the results in an integrated way to build up a picture of the candidate.

The most complex being a full Assessment Centre using a range of tests and exercises. In our opinion, assessment centres have the best ROI for graduate and for managerial positions.

We believe it is less appropriate to use a battery of assessment techniques for jobs requiring basic level skills. Rather than enhancing the outcome, this could put potential applicants off.

Selection decisions are only enhanced if the assessment tool is really needed to get at information that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Using several assessments

Using a range of assessment tools has candidate UX benefits. They are more likely to believe the recruitment process is fair and worthwhile. In the knowledge than a single interview can easily be biased.

Practice aptitude test tips books 

Firstly, Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book.


Secondly, our Passing Numerical reasoning Tests book.

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Here is some of our most popular free Psychometric Test Practice. We hope you enjoy using them!

Best Assessment Practice