Strengths Tests Design

Strengths tests design is one of our specialities.

Strengths Test

We have experience of designing situational strengths tests that are generic in nature. In addition to these SJT-based situational strengths tests, we offer these two alternative psychometric test designs:

Strengths tests design

This psychometric test design is similar in nature to personality questionnaire design, explained here. Our bespoke strengths test design process…

  1. Has dimensions key to the role being assessed.
  2. Reflect the personality, attitudinal and motivational aspects of the role-specific dimensions.
  3. Have face valid questions.
  4. Be capable of completion in 20 minutes approx.
  5. Adopt a single-stimulus question format (Likert scale).
  6. Adopt a normative format of scoring utilising a sten look-up table (for each personality scale).

Popular Strengths Tests Designs

Access to strength test example reports can be found online at: firstly Gallup’s Strengths Center; secondly Richard Step’s Strengths and Weaknesses Aptitude Test (RSWAT); thirdly, Character Strengths Survey, Character Test: VIA Character and finally, Tom Rath (from Gallup)’s Strengths Finder 2.0.

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Strengths test practice