Personality Coaching

Personality coaching as a process can be self- administered or via a coach trained in personality test-based coaching.

Personality Coaching

This is a speciality of Rob Williams Assessment ltd. We can create a range of psychometric tests for coaching and for self-development purposes. For example bespoke personality questionnaires such as the one described in the case study here.

Coaching with personality tests

Here are some of the psychometric tools commonly used for executive coaching:

· CEB’s 32-scale OPQ, and other e.g. 16-scale version of the OPQ

· OPP’s MBTI Step I and II

· Saville Consulting’s Wave Styles

· Hogan Development Survey (de-railers)

· FIRO-B (relationship building)

Personality Coaching at Development Centres

We also have designed development centres that involve coaching with personality types:

  • Coaching tests with senior managers at a French financial services company
  • Development centres for senior managers at an aeronautical company
  • Accelerated development programme at a media company
  • Fast-track selection centres (public sector)
  • Coaching tests at development centres in Kiev, Ukraine (manufacturing sector), including OPQ feedback
  • Development centres for all managerial levels in a global bank (report writing, face-to-face feedback and development plan coaching), including OPQ feedback
  • Leading development centres involving 25 candidates per day (retail sector)