Strengths Test

Psychometric test examples are useful to see the type of strengths test you can expecting on your test day.

Strengths Test

In fact, there are many many types of psychometric test examples. Let’s consider the many different strengths that a person may possess, for example, their intelligence strengths and weaknesses from the many different types of intelligence.

The Intelligence Test demonstrates the range of possible intelligence strengths. There are many types of intelligence, including creative intelligence and musical aptitude which we have not included in our model.

Intelligence Test Scales

This Test assesses the following seven intelligence strengths:

  1. Self-Growth / Self-Growth Intelligence
  2. Emotional / Emotional Intelligence
  3. Logical Reasoning / Logical Intelligence
  4. Kinesthetic / Kinesthetic Intelligence
  5. Spatial Reasoning / Spatial Reasoning Intelligence
  6. Numerical Reasoning / Numerical Reasoning Intelligence
  7. Verbal Reasoning / Verbal Reasoning Intelligence

You can take the Intelligence Strengths Test here.

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