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Literacy Tests

QTS Literacy Intro

QTS-Literacy test questions and passages reflect the sort of texts that teachers are likely to encounter at school. This is what’s called a highly face valid test.

The forty-five minute test is divided into four sub-tests. It starts with a spelling test, and is followed by three others – punctuation, grammar, and comprehension. These last three sub-tests can be completed in any order on the real test. To complete the test you need to be proficient at using a computer keyboard to type in answers. You will also need to scroll down to read long passages of text, and be able to drag and drop your selected answer into its correct position in the passage.

QTS Literacy Test Centres

For security and confidentiality reasons you can’t take the test from the comfort of your own home. Instead, the test is taken online under supervised test conditions at a testing centre. The three tests can be taken altogether in one sitting or one at a time. There are approximately fifty QTS Skills Test Centres  around the country, at locations such as schools, universities and further education colleges, as well as commercial testing centres. You will be provided with very specific on-screen instructions before starting each test. Pay close attention to these – especially to how the instructions change between the different sub-tests.

Literacy Test pass mark

There are forty-eight available marks on the literacy test – one per question. Depending on which version of the test you take, the pass mark varies a bit – it is lower for a test with slightly harder questions and higher for a test with slightly easier questions. That said, the pass mark for the benchmarked literacy test is sixty percent – or twenty-nine marks out of the forty-eight available. Your result will be given to you at the end of the day. Fear not – if you do not pass on your first attempt, the QTS tests can be retaken.