Situational Judgement Test Fit

Situational Judgement Test Fit is a match-making process used to assess how close situational judgement test score is to the job applied for.


Situational judgment tests are used as an early stage in a recruitment process.

i) Test sift. 
A sift-out of those candidates that are unfit to progress to the next recruitment stage. Based on their poor fit and/or understanding of the job role to which they’ve applied. For example, when selecting middle managers and specialist managerial positions.

ii) Feature of graduate recruitment processes. 

The SJT scenarios have been crafted to select those graduates that are most suited to a specialist graduate career path, such as finance, logistics, IT etc. In other words, having shown by passing the psychometric ability tests, the graduate applicant then has to demonstrate their suitability to a particular type of graduate career path.

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