Values Fit

A very useful measure for startup selection processes is values fit.

Values Fit

We specialise in several types of fit profiling, in addition to values fit:

  • Culture fit
  • Personality fit
  • Interview fit

Finding the right values fit

During the recruitment process, an employer will typically look at a candidate’s background, qualifications and previous experience but it’s also vital to find people who ‘fit’ with the organisation. If a company is typically a fast-paced, dynamic business that operates with a flat management structure and few operating procedures, an employer will need to find somebody who thrives in that environment.

If they recruit somebody who is more comfortable in a steady-paced role, where rules are set down and procedures are clear, the candidate is likely to be unhappy in the role, work ineffectively and probably won’t stay with the company for long.

And it’s not always just about your suitability for the role, it’s also about the team that the new employee will be joining – an employer may be deliberately looking to recruit somebody to counterbalance the team members they already have. For example, a team full of dominant ‘go getting’ personalities may need somebody who is happier planning.

Values based situational judgement tests 

Typically a situational judgement test uses problem-solving and judgment skills to measure role-specific competencies. In particular those role characteristics which are difficult to assess at interview or in an assessment centre. For example, empathy and resilience in customer-facing customer service roles.

At a higher level than the role, bespoke SJTs can also be designed to assess organisational “fit”. How well an individual’s values and attitudes match those of the organisation. The rationale is that this is an assessment of whether or not the individual “fits” into the organisational culture.

Values Fit Designs

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd has experience of designing values tests that are generic in nature.

Alternatively specific values test which assess a company’s values – and hence an individual’s fit between their personal values / work values and the organisation’s values. It’s a valid approach to use situational judgement tests (SJTs) to measure values and the fit with a company’s values.