Personality Test Design

Competency-Based Personality Test Design

Recent projects encompassing competency-based interview guide design include:

  • Designing competency-based interviews and personality questionnaire profiling (public sector organisation)
  • Designing competency-based interview guides, role profiling and job analysis (international bank)
  • Practice competency-based interviewing sessions as part of a pharmaceutical company’s redundancy programme.
  • Competency-based interview guide design design for three customer service roles

Personality test sifting

Previous projects that have encompassed competency sift designs:

  • Fit based personality profiles for a call centre
  • CV-based sifting design (finance and business consultancy sectors)
  • Online competency based sift questionnaires

In 2015 and 2018, Rob Williams Assessment Ltd developed two bespoke personality test designs. These were for the graduate recruiters Talent Window and Hire Window. A positive client recommendation for this project can be found on on Linked-In.

Bespoke Personality Test Design 

Firstly, my client Talent Window required a rational model of the personality traits typically sought by graduate employers.

Key Steps to Bespoke Personality Test Design

Next, and in consultation with our client, Rob Williams Assessment Ltd, used similar process for designing both the Talent Window and the Hire Window personality tests. The client then arranged for online trials with in excess of 100 members of the target graduate audience.

Personality test outcomes

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd successfully applied the British Psychological Society’s best practice in personality questionnaire design.

Both bespoke personality questionnaire met the client’s aim of measuring the most commonly sought graduate personality traits.

Recent personality test innovations

The Bloomberg Financial Test assesses applications for a multitude of financial roles. It is a measure of “financial aptitude” – not a personality test.

The NEO PI-R personality test established a link between Big 5 personality traits and those personality traits found in successful financial traders. Three key personality domains mentioned in this personality test research: Extroversion, Neuroticism and Openness to Experience.

Personality Test Practice

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