Competency Design

An effective competency design framework is crucial to the operation of many HR practices.

Competency design 

Shown below is an example of a typical competency design framework used in an assessment centre. In this case, the group exercise’s competency component of the overall assessment centre competency matrix:

– Oral Communication

How clearly and confidently the individual communicates with the group.

– Planning and Organising

How much consideration is given to planning and systematically going through the issues outlined in the scenario.

– Judgement and Decision-Making

How logically the individual makes their decisions and judges other participants’ input/comments.

– Analysis and Problem-Solving

How effectively the individual analyses the scenario’s issues and the solutions proposed.

– Finding Solutions

The creative thinking that is shown. The number and effectiveness of the ideas generated.

– Teamworking

How well the individual works with and encourages the other group exercise participants.

Competency framework design

Having a competency framework helps an organisation to:

– Know which knowledge, skills and abilities are important for success in each role

– Measure and benchmark organisational performance

– Select, develop and performance manage employees (against the competencies associated with each role).

– Is it more cost effective to adapt an already validated model?

– How best to get buy-in across the business? Firstly, for involvement in the development stage. Secondly, to get commitment to future use of the validated framework.

– What role analysis techniques are most suitable for analysing each of the job roles?

– How to benchmark employee performance against the trial competency framework?

– How to validate the effectiveness of the draft competency framework?

Competency design – Telephone interview 

Previous projects that have encompassed telephone interview sift designs include:

  • Competency-based sift design for telephone and cv-based sifts (finance sector)
  • Telephone interview script design (consultancy firm)
  • Conducting telephone interviews for the armed services
  • Telephone interview design (manufacturing sector)