Psychometric Test Projects

Psychometric Test Projects 

Rob Williams has 10 years experience of bespoke psychometric test design. Plus ten years prior to this spent working for several of the UK’s leading test publishers, including IBM, OPP, SHL and Granada (educational tests).

British Airways 

Situational judgment test design, numerical reasoning test design, verbal reasoning test design, personality questionnaire design, motivation questionnaire design as a blended assessment project for these two British Airways roles:

– Cabin crew assessment

– Customer service representative assessment

BUPA Psychometric Test Design

Design of Situational judgment test and design of realistic job preview.

Lazard Brothers and AECOM graduate engineers

Situational judgement test validations

British Army Aptitude Test Design

Psychometric lead role was working with Kenexa IBM, managing twenty associates, to develop for the British Army over twenty psychometric tests, including the following: SJTs,  realistic job previews, ability tests (including problem-solving and spatial reasoning tests), motivation & personality questionnaires and career guidance tools.

Citibank Situational Judgement Test Design

Designing blended assessments for retail and call centre operations in American and Mexico. Managing item writing team for SJTs, ability tests, biodata questions etc.

EPSO Aptitude Test Design

Development of project management and IT skills-based aptitude tests for the European Union.

The key features of these projects are described on these psychometric test design pages:

Situational judgement test design / SJT design

Realistic job preview design