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Aptitude Test Tips

Practice can benefit both the beginner and the more experienced test-taker. There are many psychometric test types for which you may wish to practice. So it’s important to practice on psychometric practice tests which are as close as possible to your actual test format. The specific nature of the tests varies, with verbal and numerical reasoning tests as a common feature.

Review the Answer Options

Narrowing down the number of answer options is a good strategy. Review the answer options. Mentally remove any that are of the wrong magnitude. Ensure that your answer always remains within the range of the remaining answer options.

Aptitude test-taking strategies

1) If not then you must have the wrong method of calculation and will need to rethink your calculation.

2) If the answer you get is close to one of the answer options then you’ve most likely made one (or more!) errors in your calculation.

3) If you get an answer equal to one of the answer options then don’t assume that it’s the correct answer.

Check Question Context

Numerical reasoning questions often involve financial figures or other sales data commonly used at work, such as sales figures. Also, remember your answer needs to be realistic. So if you are being asked to total a company’s sales figures try to picture the magnitude of the answer.

Familiarise Yourself With All Data Presented

Resist diving straight in to answering questions. Review each table and graph that is presented to you. Make sure that you know the range of information sources being made available.

Practice aptitude test tips books 

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So, here’s some of our most popular free Psychometric Test Practice. We hope you enjoy using them!