Numerical Reasoning Test Tips

We think that the best order of priorities for practising any sort of numerical reasoning test is to ensure you have the basic mental maths skills…

Then to move on to some 11+ numerical reasoning practice.

Then, practice with psychometric test publisher Websites

Ten Minute Mental Maths Tests

Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 1

Ten Mins Mental Maths Test 1 Answers

10 Minute Mental Maths Test 2

Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 2 Answers

10 Minute Mental Maths Test 3

Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 3 Answers

Psychometric test publisher Websites

1- Visit the test publisher Website once you know the type of psychometric tests you will be taking. Since most test publisher Websites offer practice questions.

For example, practise sample questions from Kenexa-IBM TalentQ and SHL sites. Reputable test publishers will send you some sample questions for you to practice in advance.

Secondly, familiarise yourself 

Read the instruction and introduction sections carefully for each psychometric test you will take. This should ensure you are familiar with the test format.

Third, try to work efficiently without rushing

Each question is worth the same so don’t spend too long on a single question. You may find subsequent questions easier to answer. With the end of the test you can return to any unfinished questions. Although you may not finish the test, the best strategy is to answer as many questions as you can in the time available.

Fourth, stay positive

If you find yourself struggling with a question, remember that every question is worth exactly the same point. You won’t be expected to get every question right, or even to complete every question. To pass the test – just do your best and try to answer as many correctly as possible.

Fifth, learn from your mistakes

You will probably get some of the practice questions wrong. Review the correct answers so that you fully understand where you went wrong. You should learn how to approach such questions next time around.

Numerical Reasoning Test Tips (in Books)