All of our psychometric test practice resources are free. So, we hope you enjoy using them!   In our opinion, there is plenty of the right type of aptitude test practice, aptitude test tips and test-taking strategies.

Psychometric test practice

We certainly hope you get maximum value from our free psychometric test practice resources!  Psychometric test practice works best when it’s specific to the test type and the level of difficulty of the psychometric test you will be taking.

The best psychometric test practice 

– Aptitude test tips and aptitude test practice

– Numerical reasoning test practice

– Verbal reasoning test practice

– Situational judgement test practice

– Passing situational judgment tests

Situational judgment test tips

 Verbal reasoning test practice

– Verbal reasoning test tips

SHL test practice

Cubiks test practice

UKCAT test practice

Graduate Psychometric Test Practice 

Our first point is that a well-designed selection procedure focuses on predicting a graduate’s competency within a particular work context.

Secondly, that psychometric assessments only form one part of the selection procedure.

Our third point is that personality assessments can give an indication of how well an individual applicant will fit into the existing workplace or team.

Finally, psychometric assessments can assess which applicants are most suited to the demands of the vacant job in terms of both ability and personality factors.

My Psychometric practice test books 

Firstly,Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.


Passing Numerical reasoning Tests.

Psychometric Test Practice – Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

Firstly, SHL’s numerical reasoning test practice. Also, SHL’s numerical reasoning test example

Secondly, Saville Consulting preparation advice for numerical reasoning tests

Thirdly, TalentQ numerical reasoning test practice. Also, TalentQ’s numerical reasoning test example