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Verbal reasoning practice (job-related)

Our site offers free practice tests and verbal reasoning tips in an employment context. As does our partner JobTestPrep, although you need to pay for theirs!

Verbal reasoning practice (educational)

We also offer educational practice papers, such as 11 plus verbal reasoning tips.

Popular verbal reasoning practice sites

Here’s three popular test publisher sites: Saville Consulting preparation advice for verbal reasoning tests, Talent Lens and Cubiks.

Our verbal reasoning test practice book

Thus, see Author’s Amazon page.


Verbal reasoning practice examples by difficulty level

So, let’s start with lower ability level

Firstly, Royal Navy practice verbal reasoning Test 1 (lower level).

Secondly, Royal Navy practice verbal reasoning Test 1 answers.

Then, higher ability level

Thirdly, Royal Navy practice verbal reasoning Test 2 (higher level).

Finally, Royal Navy practice verbal reasoning Test 2 answers.

Verbal Reasoning Test Tips

Read Each Verbal Reasoning Question Very Carefully

Note this might sound like obvious advice. However, many verbal items may have one crucial word that’s easy to misinterprete. So, do look for words such as all, some, most.

Word Meanings 

Also you must remember that easier verbal reasoning test formats ask test takers to interpret individual word meanings.

Argument Interpretation

This might seem tricky. Find the different positions making up a written argument. Also, if any assumptions and inferences have been made.


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