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Rob Williams Assessment Ltd have published Psychometric Research / Personality Trends at both national and international conferences. In particular, we have mainly published Personality Research Papers.

Press Conferences

Language Equivalence When Translating the 16PF Questionnaire for Use Across Multiple Languages,

(2005 European Association of Work Psychology Conference)

Firstly, Personality Differences in an Insurance Sales Context,

(2000 Occupational Psychology Conference)

Secondly, Call Centres: A New Application for Personality Testing,

(1999 Test User Conference)

Thirdly, High Salary vs. Career Development? The Internet’s Career Influences Survey,

(1999 Occupational Psychology Conference)

Predicting Sales Performance With 16PF

(The Psychometrics Forum, 1998)

16PF5 Questionnaire Data Supplement, ASE (1999)