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This page focuses on explaining the main 11 Plus exam differences. It also links to other relevant 11 Plus pages, such as:

Eleven Plus exam differences

Around 85% of these schools are academies which are able to set their own individual admissions criteria including the entrance tests and the weighting which is given to each one.

Grammar school differences

11 Plus grammar schools still remain extremely popular in Northern Ireland. Some schools, usually in the independent sector, also have entrance exams at different ages such as 10 Plus and 13 Plus (often called the common entrance exam).

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning differences

  • Traditionally, the focus for the Eleven Plus has been often on testing a child’s general intelligence. Not specific subject knowledge. It is also supposed to measure the potential of pupils with limited reading skills such as dyslexia. Plus, those pupils who have English as an additional, rather than first, language (EAL).

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Regional differences in 11 Plus

In Essex, most children sit verbal reasoning, Maths and English. Whereas in Bexley they sit Maths and verbal reasoning.

The Kent Eleven Plus has pupils sit all four disciplines in two 1 hour tests. The first test comprises an English and Maths paper while the second is a reasoning paper. Kent pupils also have to complete a writing exercise which isn’t marked – see The Kent Test Familiarisation booklet.

Pass rate differences in 11 Plus

Finally, the qualification rate for the 11 Plus Exam can vary considerably around the country. In part this depends on how widespread the grammar school system is in a particular region. For example, the four grammar schools in Kingston and Sutton in Surrey. These attract several thousand applicants for as few as 180 places with a pass rate of around 3 per cent.

11 Plus Tips

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