7-Step 11 Plus Practice Guide

You can find the relevant 11 plus past papers by clicking on the link below. There are also school entrance 11 plus past papers available, including all the premier London-based private schools.

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11+ Past Papers at School Entrance Tests

11 Plus exam papers

Firstly, our recommended 11 plus practice past papers.

Secondly our Step-by-step guide to passing the 11 plus.

Thirdly, our helpful 11 Plus Guide for parents.

You may also find useful our guide called Where is my local grammar school?

Why not try our 11+ practice?

Our step-by-step 11 plus guide

1) Ask yourself, is now the best time for your child to start their 11+ Prep?

2) If so, here are some useful Grammar School application tips. You need to consider 11 Plus Exam By UK Region.

– If you are considering those grammar schools in Outer London then we have a useful London Grammar school list.

– Otherwise, England’s other grammar schools are accessed from this regional grammar school list.

3) Are the grammar schools of interest CEM 11+ exam Grammar schools. If so focus on School Entrance Tests’ 11 plus practice tests of CEM 11 Plus type.

4) Otherwise, you probably need to focus either the Essex 11 plus format or on the GL 11 Plus type.

Why not try our 11+ practice?

5) So, select the most relevant 11 plus exams from our comprehensive list of 11 Plus Past Exam Papers.

6) Schedule regular practice with these 11 plus practice papers, our free online 11 plus papers and free 11 plus papers with answers

7) Here’s School Entrance Tests’s own tips for passing the 11 plus and further 11 plus tests:

  • Our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice: In our opinion, these are some of the best 11 plus tips for Verbal Reasoning. Next, the School Entrance Tests 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice. Here is our book on Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Our English 11 plus test practice and 11 plus English tips: firstly, to improve your literacy Secondly, practice to improve your spelling and grammar. Thirdly, some general 11 plus English tips.
  • 11 Plus non-verbal reasoning tips: We are very proud of our 11 Plus non-verbal reasoning article with the City Kids magazine.
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Why not try our 11+ practice?

London Private Schools 11+

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Why not try our 11+ practice?

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