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Our focus on this page is our free 11 plus papers with answers.

Free 11 plus papers with answers (easy to download)

This page also explains the main 11 Plus exam differences. We also offer other types of premium 11 plus test practice.

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Our 11 plus advice for parents

The best way to prepare for the 11 plus is to believe that your children should be able to pass. Also though, to manage their own 11 plus expectations.

In our opinion, your child needs to view going to a grammar school as one option for them.  That way if they don’t get in, it Is because grammar schools weren’t the best fit.

So, be open about the amount of 11 plus prep and 11 plus practice that will be required. Promote a growth mindset by avoiding the belief that your child has failed somehow.

Free 11 Plus Past Papers at School Entrance Tests

1) Ask yourself, is now the best time to start your 11+ Prep for 2019?

2) If so, here are some useful Grammar School application tips. You need to consider 11 Plus Exam By UK Region.

– If you are considering those grammar schools in Outer London then we have a useful London Grammar school list.

– Otherwise, England’s other grammar schools are accessed from this regional grammar school list.

3) Are the grammar schools of interest CEM 11+ exam Grammar schools. If so focus on School Entrance Tests’ 11 plus practice tests of CEM 11 Plus type.

4) Otherwise, it’s likely you are considering Grammars using GL Assessment. Thus you should focus on School Entrance Tests’ 11 plus practice tests of GL 11 Plus type.

Our 7-Step 11 plus guide is designed for busy parents!

5) So, select the most relevant 11 plus exams from our comprehensive list of 11 Plus Past Exam Papers.

6) Schedule regular practice with these 11 plus practice papers, our free online 11 plus papers and free 11 plus papers with answers

7) Here’s School Entrance Tests’s own tips for passing the 11 plus and further 11 plus tests:

  • 11 Plus Maths practice: Firstly, our useful mental Maths practice. You may also find these CAT Practice Tips Intro
  • Our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice: In our opinion, these are some of the best 11 plus tips for Verbal Reasoning. Next, the School Entrance Tests 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice. Here is our book on Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Our English 11 plus test practice and 11 plus English tips: firstly, to improve your literacy Secondly, practice to improve your spelling and grammar. Thirdly, some general 11 plus English tips.
  • 11 Plus non-verbal reasoning tips: We are very proud of our 11 Plus non-verbal reasoning article with the City Kids magazine.

Regional 11 Plus differences

Around 85% of these schools are academies which are able to set their own individual admissions criteria including the entrance tests and the weighting which is given to each one.

The Kent Eleven Plus has pupils sit all four disciplines in two 1 hour tests. The first test comprises an English and Maths paper while the second is a reasoning paper. Kent pupils also have to complete a writing exercise which isn’t marked – see The Kent Test Familiarisation booklet.

11 Plus pass rate differences

Finally, the qualification rate for the 11 Plus Exam can vary considerably around the country. In part this depends on how widespread the grammar school system is in a particular region. For example, the four grammar schools in Kingston and Sutton in Surrey. These attract several thousand applicants for as few as 180 places with a pass rate of around 3 per cent.

Grammar school differences

In Essex, most children sit verbal reasoning, Maths and English. Whereas in Bexley they sit Maths and verbal reasoning.

11 Plus grammar schools still remain extremely popular in Northern Ireland. Some schools, usually in the independent sector, also have entrance exams at different ages such as 10 Plus and 13 Plus (often called the common entrance exam).

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning differences

  • Traditionally, the focus for the Eleven Plus has been often on testing a child’s general intelligence. Not specific subject knowledge. It is also supposed to measure the potential of pupils with limited reading skills such as dyslexia. Plus, those pupils who have English as an additional, rather than first, language (EAL).

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New 11 plus past papers

Our latest new 11 plus past papers update can be found below.

Latest new test papers update

Subsequently, below you can find September’s newest exam paper additions.Firstly, this month’s new test paper update includes:

  • 2015 – 2018 Papers from Benenden School in Kent. Firstly, Benenden is a new addition to our independent schools’ list. It is a leading girls’ boarding school, with 551 girls between the ages of 11 to 18. Here is their Admissions page.
  • 2018 Exam papers from Sevenoaks School, Kent. Secondly, Sevenoaks is a co-educational day and boarding school with some 1080 pupils. Their Admissions page provide information on the process of joining them.
  • 2015 – 2018 Exam papers from Manchester Grammar School, an independent day school for boys, in Manchester. It has a rich and long history of providing education to boys in North England. Their Admissions page might also be of interest and can certainly answer any questions regarding admission.
  • 2016 – 2017 Exam papers from Eltham College, London. This independent school in London caters for boys 7-16 and boys and girls between 16 and 18 (Sixth Form). From September 2020, Eltham College will also be welcoming girls in Year 3, Year 7 and Sixth Form. Subsequently, their Admissions page will be of great interest if this school might interest you or your child.

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Next, some more challenging Maths test tips.

Ten Minute Mental Maths Tests

We hope you enjoy these worked through examples. The purpose is to maximize your learnings. This ensures that you can easily see where you’ve gone wrong in your calculations.

Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 1 and Ten Mins Mental Maths Test 1 Answers

Also, Test 2 and Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 2 Answers

Lastly, Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 3 and Ten Minute Mental Maths Test 3 Answers

11 Plus exam papers  

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