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British Army practice tests, assessment advice and application tips are available here. For both Army Officers and Army soldiers.

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Army Officer SJT examples 

Whilst on operations you return to base at 8.30PM at the end of a long day in your Ocelot patrol car. You are tired, dirty and hungry. You are planning to go to the gym, shower and eat when your sergeant informs you that one of your platoons has been injured in a roadside bomb attack. Fortunately, he has now recovered consciousness, is not seriously injured and is in the hospital. You have another combat patrol starting at 6.30 AM the next day. You also need to prepare your kit and be properly rested.

  1. Go to the gym, shower, eat and prepare for tomorrow by getting your kit ready and sleeping as much as possible. As the Soldier is not seriously hurt and has recovered consciousness, ask your sergeant to visit him and to pass on a message that you will visit personally tomorrow.
  2. Visit the Soldier in hospital and then prepare for the next day, before getting some food, a shower and as much sleep as possible before dawn. You can always go to the gym tomorrow.
  3. Go to the gym, shower and eat first. This will make you more presentable and put you in a more positive and buoyant state of mind when you visit the Soldier.
  4. Ask the sergeant to go and visit the Soldier and to pass on a message that you will visit him later that evening.

Soldier SJT examples 

It is 7:30 pm and you want to go out. You have just been told by your Platoon Sergeant that your uniform and bedroom will be inspected first thing tomorrow morning. What would you do?

  1. Go out, but get up early to try to sort out your uniform and bedroom then.
  2. Go out since the inspection is not that important.
  3. Go out, but try to sort out your uniform and bedroom when you get back later this evening.
  4. Do not go out and spend this evening sorting out your uniform and bedroom.


Your Platoon has been given a task to complete. However, the team can’t agree on how to do it. 

  1. Listen to all the options, and hope that the team accepts the best one.
  2. Sit back and wait for the rest of the team to agree.
  3. Tell your Platoon Sergeant and get him to sort it out.
  4. Do what you can to convince the team that your plan is the best.


Soldier Aptitude Test Introduction

The British Army uses a wide range of psychometric tests. This is for both the Army Officer Selection Board (the AOSB) and for Soldier Selection.

The British Army Recruit Battery test (the BARB) is used as the first part. Plus, several physical fitness tests.

Your BARB score determines your suitable soldier roles. This is on the basis of cut-off scores. These are the five Army soldier aptitude sub-tests:

  1. Reasoning test / logical reasoning ability test.
  2. Letter checking.
  3. Number distance.
  4. Odd one out word test.
  5. Symbol rotation test.

Army Practice Test. Soldier with gun over his shoulder in field

Army Officer Aptitude Tests Intro

  • The Army Oficer Aptitude tests assess your numerical, verbal and spatial reasoning skills.
  • Each test is presented under exam conditions with a strict time limit.

Army Officer Aptitude Tests Tips

  • There are a specific number of multiple choice questions, and you must answer as many as possible in the time allowed.
  • Your score will be compared with those of the Army Officer applicant ‘norm’ group, based upon previous years’ Army Officer applicants.

Personality Test for Army Officers Intro

This profiles your personality. The personality test is used as part of the interviewing process. Specifically, to flag where interview questions should probe further.

Our top personality test tips

Here are some useful tips for the Army Officer personality test:

  1. Obtain practice material from the AOSC (Army Officer Selection Centre).
  2. Remember that are not expected to answer all the questions.
  3. But you must be as accurate as possible since marks are deducted for wrong answers.
  4. You haven’t got time to check each of your answers thoroughly so don’t!

Army Practice Tests. Soldiers training on ropes

Army Officer Competencies

Officer Discipline

  • The need to recognise and respond to the requirements and expectations of military discipline.
  • Plus also having the Army Officer discipline to follow orders.

Army Officers’ military awareness

  • To understand how military expectations differ from civilian ones.
  • Also, to emphasise the appropriateness of certain types of behaviours over others at a general level.

Commitment Army Officer competency

  • To the Army life.
  • And commitment to your fellow Officers and Soldiers.
  • To fulfil all the requirements and demands that Army duties place on individuals.

Sociability Army Officer competency

  • The importance and strength gained through connection with others.
  • In particular during Army training.
  • Plus the early adaptation period to Army life. 

Resilience Army Officer competency

  • The importance of being able to deal with challenges and adversity.
  • As well as, being able as an Army Officer to recover resiliently from setbacks.
  • Plus, to remain focused.

Army Officer Competency-based Design

The intention was to provide a framework for creating SJT scenarios. Item writers were also well informed about the Army values. The Army’s description of its values provided a second framework structure for item writing management.

Army psychometric test designs. Abstract image of soldier in blast

Army psychometric test designs

Welcome to our Army psychometric test designs from our work with Officer Selction team at AOSB.

We developed numerical reasoning test designs for trainee soldiers and for trainee Officers in the Army.

In our opinion this is one of the largest test development projects of its kind. It involved many strands of Army test design. Firstly, designing over 20 SJTs. Then, two realistic job previews.

Also, we designed three ability tests. Plus, personality questionnaires. Finally, career guidance tests.

Army tests were created by Rob Williams Assessment Ltd. Plus, we designed, several Officer-based situational judgement tests. And a ‘Soldier’ situational judgment test. Plus, Verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning tests for use at ADSC.

Also, we designed a bespoke personality questionnaire for Army Officer ADSC selection centre at Sandhurst.

British Army Aptitude Test Design Example

Psychometric lead role with Kenexa IBM; managing twenty associates. The psychometric test developer team I led developed over twenty psychometric tests;

  • Situational judgement tests for Officers and for Soldiers.
  • Realistic job previews for Officers and for soldiers.
  • Bespoke ability test designs, including numercial reasoning test design, verbal reasoning test design and problem-solving test design (for Officers).
  • Ability tests including numercay aptitude test design, literacy aptitude test design and spatial reasoning test design(soldiers).
  • Officer personality questionnaire.
  • Soldier career guidance tools.

Popular STEM military career opportunities

Five increasingly popular jobs after working for the military are:

  1. Business and Finance
  2. Social Work
  3. Engineering
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) offers fast-growing opportunities. In particular, these STEM roles:

  • Cyber security.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Computer Network Architects.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Medical Scientists (clinical).
  • Medical Scientists (lab).


Cyber security career options

This information technology security / cyber security uses technology to monitor, mitigate and prevent online threats.

Secondly, cyber security work is interesting and thirdly, there are plenty of job opportunities. In our opinion and most importantly, the pay is pretty good too!

Armed services jobs that transition well are:

  • Army Cyber Operations Specialists.
  • RAF Cyber Security Specialists.
  • Navy Cyber Security Engineers (Officer), Cryptologic and Info Systems Technicians.
  • Army Information Assurance Technicians.
  • Info Systems Technicians.

Our free literacy practice tests / free numeracy practice tests

Here is our Practice Literacy Test and practice Numeracy Test.

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