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We offer free Army test practice, Navy test practice and RAF test practice. In our opinion, these are a good place to start your practice.

Our Armed Services practice tests

Our Army practice tests.

We also partner with the UK’s leading provider of practice test materials, JobTest Prep for both premium Navy practice tests and RAF practice tests.

JobTestPrep Army aptitude tests

British Army Literacy test practice.

Army Aptitude Tests practice course materials.

British Army Recruitment Test (numeracy test practice).

RAF Army test practice

Our free RAF practice tests.

RAF practice verbal reasoning test.

Also useful for you to read our RAF practice tips.

Navy test practice

Firstly, our free Navy practice aptitude tests.

Secondly, our free Navy numeracy practice test.

Finally, our Navy aptitude test tips.

Navy army practice. Marine in water with a gun.

Officer verbal reasoning test design

  • Similar formats to those off-the-shelf tests with good psychometric properties.
  • Same format as the MAPP tests at AOSB meaning there is item invariance between the verbal Officer Cognitive Screener tests and MAPP.

The format:

  • Accessible to a wide range of ability levels and age ranges
  • Simulates ‘officer/management level’ decision-making.
  • The response options (true, false, cannot tell) assess the ability to comprehend the written information and then determine whether further statements logically follow from this information or not (true or false options) or whether there is insufficient information in the passage to determine whether a statement follows or not (cannot tell).

Numerical reasoning test rationale

The Army Officer numerical reasoning tests format:

  • Firstly, is the same as the MAPP tests at AOSB. So, there is item invariance between the numerical Officer Cognitive Screener tests and MAPP.
  • Secondly, is accessible to a wide range of ability levels and age ranges.
  • Thirdly, simulates ‘officer/management level’ numerical requirements.
  • Questions require the application of basic mathematical concepts to answer them and ‘problem-solving’ rather than computational ability, so ensuring validity with the kinds of numerical tasks officers need to perform.

Verbal Reasoning practice test book

Rob Williams’s five practice aptitude tests books are all available on Amazon:

Firstly, we wrote the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

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Our Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests book 

Secondly, in our opinion this is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests.

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests gif
Secondly, Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests book by Rob Williams


Firstly, some useful mental Maths practice.

Secondly, how to improve your spelling and grammar.

Also, here’s some extra practice to improve your literacy skills  and your Spelling and Grammar.

Other Practice Tests

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