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      Our Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests book has hundreds of RAF practice numeracy test questions.

      Similarly our Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book has hundreds of RAF practice literacy test practice questions.

      Army Careers Guidance

      A career in the armed forces provides opportunities to individuals interested in becoming defenders of the free. The three branches of armed forces that graduates can join in the UK are the Army Officer training, RAF and the Royal Navy Office training.

      Graduates can apply for a broad range of specialisation, including engineering, logistics, and medical support. Interested individuals need to meet strict qualifications before entry into various positions in the armed forces.

      Free ASVAB practice test

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      Army Officer Graduate Entrance – Key Points

      The army offers a vast range of jobs for graduates. It covers areas like HR, logistics, engineering, education, and medicine.

      Entry in the army requires interested candidates to undertake the army test practice. Notably. psychometric tests are useful in assessing intelligence, personality, and skills of individuals.

      Army Careers Guidance

      Communication troop officers coordinate with soldiers on the battlefield; they are responsible for communication using equipment like satellite systems

      Aviation support officers are responsible for managing soldiers who maintain and refuel helicopters for various tasks. Medical support officers direct and lead medical teams that frontline casualties rely on for treatment. Design engineer team officers in the army need to have an accredited engineering degree to reach chartered status. The position of learning development officer provides an individual with the opportunity to gain PGCE (teaching) and TEFL qualifications.

      Free ASVAB Practice Tests

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      Army Careers Guidance

      Other Armed Services Practice Tests

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