Army psychometric test designs. Abstract image of soldier in blast

Army psychometric test designs

Welcome to our Army psychometric test designs from our work with Officer Selction team at AOSB.

Army psychometric test validity

New Army Test Designs

We developed numerical reasoning test designs for trainee soldiers and for trainee Officers in the Army.

In our opinion this is one of the largest test development projects of its kind. It involved many strands of Army test design. Firstly, designing over 20 SJTs. Then, two realistic job previews.

Also, we designed three ability tests. Plus, personality questionnaires. Finally, career guidance tests.

Army tests were created by Rob Williams Assessment Ltd. Plus, we designed, several Officer-based situational judgement tests. And a ‘Soldier’ situational judgment test. Plus, Verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning tests for use at ADSC.

Also, we designed a bespoke personality questionnaire for Army Officer ADSC selection centre at Sandhurst.

Army psychometric test validity

Predictive Validity of Personality Measures

Guion & Gottier (1965), “its difficult… to advocate … the use of personality measures in most situations as a basis for making employment decisions“. Still, personality measures are widely used in personnel selection. The continuing use reflect the view held by personnel practitioners that personality partly predicts behaviour.

One of the reasons for the low personality – job performance correlations is the lack of conceptual link between traits and work performance. Thus, it is unreasonable to expect personality measures to generalise across jobs.

An attempt to correlate a battery of personality traits with job performance regardless the nature of the job, would result in weak coefficients.

Army psychometric test designs