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Our free RAF psychometric test practice resources can be found here.

Firstly, our paid for RAF psychometric test practice links.

Our Passed Papers RAF aptitude test practice

RAF practice test bundle one.

More RAF psychometric test practice is available from our RAF practice test bundle two.

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How2Become RAF Test Practice

RAF Airman

RAF OASC Test Bundle

Armed Services Practice Test Materials

Army aptitude tests

RAF aptitude test practice

General aptitude tests practice

Practice numerical reasoning tests ; and Navy practice tests.

RAF Psychometric Test Practice

RAF Practice Test Downloads

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test for the RAF.

Next, here’s the answers: Answers.

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF.

So, here’s the answers: Answers for RAF practice Test 2.

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Free Armed Services Test Practice

Navy practice test.

Practice Literacy Test and practice Numeracy Test.

Army Practice Test. 

Our 11 plus test papers

Our first 11 plus practice test bundle contains the following 11 plus practice tests:

11 Plus English Test One || 11 Plus Maths Test One || 11 Plus NVR (Non Verbal Reasoning) Test One || 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test One.

Our second advanced 11 plus test bundle contains the following 11 plus advanced tests:

11 Plus English Test Two || 11 Plus Maths Test Two || 11 Plus NVR (Non Verbal Reasoning)

Test Two || 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test Two.

Further Aptitude Test Practice

Firstly, free practice abstract reasoning tests.
Secondly, LNAT critical verbal reasoning tests.
Thirdly, Practice literacy tests and numeracy tests.
Next, Aptitude test tips.
Then, Aptitude test practice.
Also, Numerical reasoning test practice.
Next, Situational judgement test practice.
Then, Passing situational judgment tests.
Situational judgment test tips.
Also, Verbal reasoning test practice.
Plus, Verbal reasoning test tips.

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