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We recommend that the best option is to start with our free RAF test practice.

This is found below, after the paid for RAF test practice.

Our Passed Papers RAF practice tests

RAF practice test bundle one.

More RAFrmy practice test bundle two.

Then if you require additional practice to pay for these  armed services practice tests offered by JobTestPrep:

RAF Practice Test Materials

RAF aptitude test practice

General aptitude tests practice

Practice numerical reasoning tests 

RAF practice.

RAF Practice Tips

Alternatively, Rob Williams has written several practice aptitude test books, which are available for sale on Amazon.

RAF Practice Tips – Numeracy Tests

RAF Practice Numeracy Test 1 and RAF Practice Numeracy Test answers

Practice Numeracy Practice Test 2 and RAF Practice Numeracy Test 2 answers

Numerical Estimation RAF Test Tips and Practice

Firstly, Numerical Estimation practice test and Numerical Estimation practice test answers

Secondly, Practice QTS numeracy test free download: QTS Numerical Reasoning Practice Test

Thirdly, QTS numeracy test answers free download: QTS numerical reasoning online practice test answers

Fourthly, ractice mental artithmetric test free download: QTS Mental Arithmetic Practice Test

Finally, QTS mental arithmetric test answers free download: QTS Mental Arithmetric practice test answers

Practice aptitude books

Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests includes many RAF practice tips.


Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Test book  also has many RAF practice tips. The book has sections on these practice Armed Forces aptitude tests:

  • Army practice literacy tests
  • Navy practice literacy tests
  • RAF practice literacy tests

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests at this Amazon link also has many RAF practice tips.

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests gif

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests includes the following practice Armed Forces aptitude tests:

  • Army practice numeracy tests
  • Navy practice numeracy tests
  • RAF practice numeracy tests

Practice tips book reviews

Brilliant book. Read it from cover to cover. Don’t skip the chapters. I know it can seem patronising, the way he breaks it down, but I’d recommend reading it through.
5.0 out of 5 stars
A MUST BUY for anyone attempting to pass any verbal reasoning test. An informative yet easy to read book which helped me get through graduate level tests to the next stages of application. Would highly recommend.

Here are our free  RAF psychometric test resources. We also partner with paid test provider JobTestPrep:

Armed Services Practice Test Materials

Army aptitude tests

RAF aptitude test practice

General aptitude tests practice

Practice numerical reasoning tests ; and Navy practice tests.

RAF Psychometric Tests

RAF Practice Test Downloads

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test for the RAF

Next, here’s the answers: Answers

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF

So, here’s the answers: Answers for RAF practice Test 2

Free Armed Services Test Practice

Navy practice test

Practice Literacy Test and practice Numeracy Test

Army Practice Test 

Aptitude Test Practice

Practice Toolkit

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