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Our RAF Practice Aptitude Tests

Firstly, Joining RAF and Next Steps

Secondly, RAF Selection Process and Practice Aptitude Test

Thirdly, RAF application process.

Fourth, our Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 1 for the RAF

Next, Answers for RAF Test 1.

Then, Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF

Finally, Answers for RAF Test 2.

RAF Officer Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test for the RAF.

RAF Answers.

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF.

Answers for RAF practice Test 2.

RAF Officer Graduate Entrance – Key Points

  • As with Army Officer recruitment and Navy Officer recruitment – many graduates join the RAF as trainee officers.
  • Applicants for an officer role need to pass many stages including passing medical, eye and fitness tests before the RAF Officer training can commence.

Practice Test Downloads

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test for the RAF.

Next, here’s the answers: Answers.

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test 2 for the RAF.

So, here’s the answers: Answers for RAF practice Test 2.

RAF Recruitment Test Pass Mark

Airmen / Airwomen Recruit Test Pass Mark

So once your AFCO has received your application, you will be invited in to sit the AST. The AST is a test compromising these RAF aptitude tests:

  • Verbal Reasoning (15 mins for 20 questions).
  • Numerical Reasoning Part 1 (4 mins for 12 questions).
  • Part 2 (11 mins for 15 questions).
  • Work Rate (4 mins for 20 questions).
  • Spatial Reasoning Part 1 (4 mins for 10 questions).
  • Part 2 (3 mins for 10 questions).
  • Electrical Comprehension (11 mins for 21 questions).
  • Mechanical Comprehension (10 mins for 20 questions).
  • Memory Test Part 1 and Part 2. Each Memory Test has 10 video-based questions.

There are many, MANY different aptitude tests online you can practice with.

The score requirement will change depending on which role you’re going for.

Example RAF OFficer Application Process dates.

 Typical RAF Officer Application Process TImeline

  1. 8th August ’18 – Applied for the Royal Air Force. 
  2. 18th August ’18 – Application passed on to AFCO. 
  3. 13th September ’18 – Airman’s Selection Test. 
  4.  7th October ’18 – Selection Interview, then Medical
  5.  27th October ’18 – Pre-joining Fitness Test. 
  6. 14th December ’18 – PRTC course. 
  7. 18th January ’19 – Final 308 Interview. 
  8. 14th February 2019 – RTS INTAKE DATE.


You’ll be invited in for a presentation, and a chance to make sure you have all of the required documents and qualifications needed for your role. The presentation isn’t life changing but definitely worth paying attention and taking some notes. You won’t be tested on anything at this point. At the end of this presentation, you’ll be given dates of your CBAT testing. This is where things get interesting.

You’ll be invited to RAF Cranwell the day before your testing date. How you get there is up to you, both times I traveled by train, paid for by my AFCO of course. The journey isn’t too bad, was a 4 hour train journey for me via London.

You’ll arrive at Grantham station (if traveling by train) and you will be collected by a minibus outside the station. Make use of this time by talking to the other candidates. The minibus will take about 30 minutes to get to Cranwell and you’ll have to go via the security gate to have your photograph taken for your ID.

You must collect your room key and head on to your room to drop off your things. Besides a quick briefing letting you know plans for the morning, the evening time is your own. 

So you’ve woken up at 0600. You’ll head into the OASC center, and be given a quick brief about what to expect and what you’ll be doing. 

CBAT Testing (for certain RAF Officer roles)

The CBAT tests are NOT fun. They’re not in the slightest bit enjoyable and they will test you. 6 hours of solid testing with only one lunch break, and several 5 minute breaks in-between. I suggest making the most of these breaks and drinking water like a camel. The CBAT is composed of a variety of different tests to assess your mental aptitude.

The majority of these tests you can’t really prepare for as unfortunately they’re mostly a “You either have it or don’t” situation.. Memory, spatial awareness etc, but you can gain as much of a boost as you can by practising mental maths, and practising aptitude tests online can never hurt. Oh and one more thing, SPEED, DISTANCE, TIME. You’ll be doing a hell of a lot of SDT questions so I suggest knowing the equations like the back of your hand.

So you’re back home after your ordeal and you’re either happy or not. I’m going to talk about what happens if you’re happy. You’ll be contacted by your AFCO and you’ll be invited in for your filter interview. This will take place at your local AFCO with the NCO. 


Your interview will consist of two halves. One being about you and the other being about the RAF. The first half is where you sell yourself.

Then the second half is what you can prepare for. They WILL grill you, you really need to prepare for this or you just simply wont succeed. 
I’m not going to do the research for you, but you’ll need to know about;

RAF Training

Recruit Training

-Name the 3 phases of training
-What are you going to get taught during each phase?

RAF Trade Training

After your interview you’ll sit in at your AFCO for around 20 minutes whilst being assessed and reviewed, and then you’ll be told whether you’re successful or not there and then! 


The medical will change depending on your chosen role, but they all involve:

  • Sent off to a civilian doctor.
  • Have a basic hearing and vision test, followed by a test of lung capacity and heart.
  • Be weighed and measured.
  • Stripped down to your pants and socks and made to squat, walk around on your heels.


This is what separates the men from the boys. This will really determine your future in the RAF. You’ll be invited up to RAF Cranwell for 3 days of leadership testing, problem solving, and planning exercises.

You also take a fitness assessment involving a MSFT and press ups and sit ups. I think you have to pass every part of OASC or you’ll be sent home? Someone will have to confirm that for me. What I do know however, is that you’ll have to to sit a Final Interview infront of the OASC board, following the same sort of pattern as your filter, only much much more detailed and grilling.


  • Show dedication and willingness to learn.
  • Know why you want to join the RAF. You should have read up on the RAF in advance and have prepared suitable answer(s). 


The medical will change depending on your chosen role, but they all have the same sort of basis:

  • Be sent off to a civilian doctor.
  • Have a basic hearing and vision test.
  • Followed by a test of lung capacity and heart .
  • Then be weighed and measured.


The PRTC is familiarise RAF Officer recruits with RAF Halton. In otehr words, what would be your phase one training. This is where you will do your second and final fitness test before RTS, only this time it compromises of a bleep test instead of a timed run. A bleep test or ‘shuttle run’ means running in-between two cones 20 meters apart. You must hit each cone before the bleep. The bleeps gradually get closer and closer until you are unable to hit the next cone.

There are also various literacy and numeracy tests. However these are easier than the Airwoman / Airman Selection Tests. You’ll also do functional skills examinations.

The official RAF website has some useful PRTC info.


This is the last hurdle of your application process. You should feel proud to get this far. Do not get complacent though. Since you could still fail at this final hurdle.

The interview lasts around 20 minutes and covers everything you’ve covered in your previous interviews. It’s conducting by your Commanding Officer. As with your previous interview, ensure that you dress to impress).

RAF Recruitment Test Pass Mark

Useful RAF Lingo

AFCO = Armed Forces Careers Office. Your local careers office in which you’ll start your journey.

AST = Airmen Selection Test. The test all airmen trades will have to complete in order to progress. Taken at your local AFCO.

CBAT = Computer Based Aptitude Test. A computer based selection test all Officer/NCO/Aircrew applicants will have to complete in order to progress. Taken at RAF Cranwell.

OASC = Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre. Based at RAF Cranwell, this is your stepping stone for all Officer/Aircrew applications. 

NCO = Non-commissioned officer. Self explanatory really..

WSOp = Weapons System Operator. An aircrew role in the RAF.

NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Google it, you’ll need to know.

SDT = Speed, Distance, Time. Maths equation, yada yada yada…

MSFT = Multi Stage Fitness Test. Bleep test in simpleton terms.

PRTC = Pre-recruit training course. 3 days in Halton before your basic training. 

RTS Halton = Recruit Training Squadron Halton. Your basic training.

PJFT = Pre-joining fitness test.

ABM = Aerospace Battle Manager.

IOT = Initial Officer Training.

OC = Officer Commanding.

Applying to the RAF takes several months. The staged selection process involves interviews, a fitness test, and aptitude tests. Your tests depend upon your career choice.

RAF Recruitment Test Pass Mark

Our Top tips

  • In the RAF Verbal Reasoning Test Instructions, you advised of these steps: firstly, you will be presented with an introductory passage. This passage comprises of one to three sentences followed by a number of statements.
  • Read the passage. Then decide which answer option is correct. The real test has twenty questions. You have fifteen minutes. That’s four questions on average every three minutes. We therefore advise that when you practice you time yourself. Keep asking yourself, how close am I to achieving this benchmark?
  • Finally, whilst the test is challenging in our opinion you can pass if you practice enought with the right type of RAF aptitude test practice materials.

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