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Navy Psychometric Test Practice

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Free Royal Navy Psychometric Tests

Our first Navy psychometric test practice is Navy Practice Test and our Navy practice Test answers.

Here’s the second of our Navy practice tests are Royal Navy Numeracy Practice Test 2 and our Royal Navy Numeracy Practice Test 2 answers.

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Royal Navy Structure

The Royal Navy is organised into five main divisions:

  • Submarine,
  • Royal fleet auxiliary,
  • Marines,
  • Fleet air arm, and
  • Surface fleet.

These categories employ different roles such as medical officer, warfare specialist, and aircrew officer pilot.

The Royal Marines is a branch of the Royal Navy that is responsible for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Navy Numeracy Test

Navy numeracy is also a critical aptitude test that is used in the recruitment of members joining the naval institutions or service. The tests ensure that only qualified individuals are selected to join the forces. The test measures an individual’s ability to quickly make accurate calculations.

A person is supposed to keep a specific track on the timer, which is usually on the screen while planning the answers appropriately. The maritime sector requires accurate moves, and that is why the test is necessary.

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Practice Test 2 answers (Number Series)

Royal Navy Recruitment Test – Numeracy

1) What is the number 55.368 to two decimal places?

A  55.30

B  55.35

C  55.36

D  55.37

E   55.40

2) Add 456 to 9322

A  9678

B  9687

C  9778

D  9787

E   9788

Royal Navy practice test

3) What is 40% of 5000?

A  2000

B  2500

C  3000

D  3500

E   4000

4) A garden measures 20m by 15m. What is the area of the garden, in square metres?

A  150 square metres

B  200 square metres

C  250 square metres

D  300 square metres

E   350 square metres

5) Subtract 99.1 from 144.9

A  45.9

B  45.8

C  45.7

D  45.6

E   45.5

6) What is 0.40 expressed as a percentage of 1?

A  4%

B  14%

C  24%

D  34%

E   40%

Example Questions

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7) 17.5% of the cost of buying a new printer is VAT. If a new printer costs £50.00 without VAT, then how much is the VAT?

A  £8.75

B  £17.50

C  £50.00

D  £58.75

E   £67.50

8) 77 x 3 = ?

A  211

B  221

C  231

D  241

E   251

9) A ninth of a family’s monthly budget is spent on gas and electricity bills. If the average cost per month of gas and electricity bills is £90 then how much is the monthly budget.

A  £800.00

B  £810.00

C  £890.00

D  £900.00

E   £990.00

10) What is 40% of 500?

A  100

B  150

C  200

D  250

E   300

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Royal Navy practice test

Royal Navy Recruitment Test – Useful Info

The Royal Navy Test (RT) is a battery of four multiple-choice tests covering the following areas: reasoning, verbal ability, numeracy and mechanical comprehension. The test is completed in a paper and pencil format. Each of the Royal Navy Recruit Test’s sub-tests is timed separately by a trained test administrator and the whole thing takes about an hour to complete. Two of the Royal Navy Recruit Test’s sub-tests have a numerical element: the numeracy test and the reasoning test. In the real test, a trained test administrator will read through the instructions for each of the Royal Navy Recruit Test’s sub-tests before you start.

Royal Navy Entry stages

The Royal Navy’s recruitment is a staged process. You must successfully complete one stage before you move on to the next. Successful performance on the Royal Navy Recruit Test means you will go on to have a selection interview.  The pass mark for the Royal Navy Recruit Test varies depending on which branch you are applying to – for example, the most technical branches will require a higher pass mark. But for many of the branches, a mark of fifty percent is acceptable to pass the Royal Navy Recruit Test.

What does the Royal Navy Numeracy measure?

The numeracy portion of the Navy Test consists of thirty questions that you must complete in sixteen minutes. It does not require the use of a calculator. This is a test of how quickly and accurately you can complete basic mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The test also requires you to show that you can quickly and accurately use fractions, percentages and basic algebra.

Instructions for the Royal Navy Recruitment Test

Choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice options shown. In the real test, you will have a separate answer sheet on which to complete your answers. You indicate the correct answer by crossing through that letter. Make sure that you only mark one answer per question. If you decide to change your answer, blacken out your original answer then cross through the letter for your new answer. Focus on working accurately whilst also trying to complete as many questions as you can.

Royal Navy psychometric test practice