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Maths Jobs

There’s many Maths jobs. Hence many Maths careers options.

We hope to touch on some insightful ones below.

Maths is useful in almost all careers, but some professions rely heavily on Maths.

For example, a data and compliance manager performs data tracking and analysis to ensure employees comply with regulations.

Therefore, analytical and IT skills are also necessary for this occupation.

Aircraft engineers are responsible for maintaining planes to make them ready for their next flight; as such, the job requires the use of Maths.

Examples of Maths jobs

Maths jobs

Below we list some options within this career field. On each of the below pages you will find detailed information on the skills and education needed for each.

Man at desk working top finance job.
Top Finance Jobs

Business analyst at desk with paperwork and computer

Analyst Jobs

Man at computer looking at data science as jobs in computing & ict

Data Scientists

How to find jobs in Maths

Jobs in Maths are very competitive and varied.

These include

  • teacher/tutor/lecture
  • data analyst
  • finance
  • accounting

The list goes on.

Therefore your level of tertiary education and of course your interests will play a big role in the direction you follow . With the great diversity of roles within this field, there are a variety of options when it comes to the level of education.

Keep an eye on

Make sure to know what your options are in these fields and don’t just go in blindly. There is a big difference in the satisfaction you will get out of each of these roles, so choose wisely. It is always a good idea to talk to as many people in the professions you have an interest in as you can. Not only will you get an idea of how these roles function. You will also get better insights into your suitability for that specific career path. There are a variety of jobs in maths, so choose wisely.

Maths jobs London

Using maths as an analyst

Finally, once you start looking at job openings for business intelligence analysts, you will realise how many there are. Companies need people in this role for successful decision making. As a function of business administration, I can only see that more and more companies will see the value in this role.

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Maths jobs

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