SHL practice tests. Coloured pages of book for practice.

SHL Practice Tests

  1. SJT SHL practice test one

  2. Situational Judgement Test Two practice
  3. Inductive Reasoning Test practice
  4. Verbal Reasoning Test practice
  5. Numerical Reasoning Test practice
  6. Situational Judgement Test One practice
  7. Inductive Reasoning Test practice

Graduates taking Barclays’ SHL psychometric tests

Barclays has its own unique selection process. CEB’s personality and CEB’s aptitude tests are used. In addition, ‘Barclays Insight Test’. This is a mixture of situational judgement questions and ability questions.

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English writing skills with English books and pencils.

Refresh your basic English literacy skills

English writing is a skill you will use throughout your education. In Primary school, Secondary school, College and University. While in education, your English writing skills will usually be used in writing essays.

Throughout your education, previous jobs and job applications, you will have been judged on your English skills. Getting your thoughts down on paper, the accuracy of your spelling and grammar. Also, how well you can engage your ‘reader’.

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Interview Skills Guide. Interview candidates sitting in a row with question mark in front of their faces.

Core Interview Skills Guide

Welcome to our Interview Skills Guide. We hope you find this useful and informative.

Competency-Based Interview Skills

The basic principle behind Competency-Based Interviewing (CBI) is that:


CBI is a key part of the selection process because it enables you to assess the extent to which a candidate is able to use the core competencies we know to be associated with superior performance in a role.

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Career Success. Progressive pictures of man on his laptop.

CAREER RESILIENCE – The key to continuous career success

Your career and subsequent career success are more than just the job title you currently have. It is also more than just your dream job or position.

Your career can be described as a series of jobs that are related to each other and which grow in complexity. Consequently, making educational and career choices are not once-off processes because both jobs and people evolve. For this reason, making these choices should not be seen as an all-or-nothing decision, but rather part of an evolving process. Therefore measuring your career success to a certain job or role would be pointless.

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Jobs in Media Studies. Digital marketing. Woman working on laptop.

Marketing jobs and Digital marketing skills

Welcome to our marketing jobs listings

We also offer a short exploration of the latest digital marketing skills.


      Welcome to our exploration of digital marketing skills. Plus, the new era job roles for which these specialist marketing skills are most needed,

      We start with one of the most widely publicised, the professional gamer.

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      Graduate job hunting tips on paper with J O B in scrabble blocks and magnifying glass

      Graduate Job Tips

      Welcome to our Top Graduate Job Tips page.

      Our Top Graduate Jobs Tips

      1. Use our job hunting tips below to stay motivated and to focus on the future, rather than any current frustrations.
      2. Even after a job application is unsuccessful.
      3. Remind yourself that this happens to every graduate.
      4. Track your progress by aiming for more applications to lead to graduate scheme interviews…
      5. Set a target for an increasing number of graduate job interviews per month.
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