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Business jobs and finance jobs that require business knowledge are not confined to a specific career group.Jobs that use business therefore include the following
  • customer service team manager,
  • operations manager,
  • start-up company founder
  • tech entrepreneur
  • recruiter
  • small business owner
  • business analyst

Examples of Business Related Roles

Below we list some options within this career field. On each of the below pages you will find detailed information on the skills and education needed for each.
Business analyst at desk with paperwork and computer
Business Intelligence Analyst
Candidates for product manager jobs awaiting an interview.
Product Manager
Man at desk working top finance job.
Top Finance Jobs
Graduate consulting jobs computer screen with CV compilation
Consulting Jobs
Interns wanted written on a post it for first internship.
Project manager jobs with Project Management mindmap written on page.
Project Manager

How to Find Jobs that Use Business

The world of business is very competitive. Therefore some form of tertiary education will be beneficial. With the great diversity of roles within business, education would depend on your specific field. A BComm degree or similar should however be seen as the minimum requirement.However you might have to look at advanced degrees like a MBA to get ahead of your competition.Keep an eye on With our experience and knowledge of assessment in the business world, we can help with designing bespoke assessments to ensure the success of your business. Therefore, making sure that you hire the best people to help you successfully grow your business.

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