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Design jobs


      There are various career options for jobs in art and design. These include things like being a

      • photographer
      • concept artist
      • prosthetic makeup artist
      • fashion designer
      • games designer
      • filmmaker
      • social media influencer
      • jewellery designer
      • product manager
      • design manager
      • video game designer
      • website design

      The list goes on. To be honest, art and design are related to various kinds of jobs. Although it may not be the main focus in many of these, elements of it are present. Creativity can be displayed in most kinds of careers and in very different ways.

      For example, if you are interested in becoming a photographer, you may want to enrol in a diploma in photography.  Also, a work portfolio is a great tool for an applicant to show skill, experience, and interests. Displaying your experience for a job in art and design. 

      Illustration skills are an essential aspect of concept arts.

      Then again, entry requirement of fashion design is a high education qualification such as a Higher National Diploma (HND). Notably, having interest in designs is vital for success in this occupation. 

      Below we have a look at some of these jobs in art and design. Maybe there is something here you haven’t thought about. Not all jobs in art and design is based on a foundation in art. Instead a lot depends on creativity and your willingness to learn techniques and concepts that will help you excel in this field. 

      Female social media influencer with old camera.

      Social Media Influencer

      Senior Design Manager

      Top design Jobs with picture of desk with coloured pencils and computer screen with logo design.

      Top Design Jobs

      Game designer view of a Mario game.

      Video Game Designer Jobs

      Candidates for product manager jobs awaiting an interview.

      Product Manager Jobs

      Interns wanted written on a post it for first internship.

      First Internships Guide

      How To Find a Job in Art and Design

      Make sure to keep an eye on

      • Our Job Listings
      • LinkedIn Jobs
      • Other reputable career sites, of which there are many

      Happy job hunting and keep an eye on our career resources and blog pages for more great content.

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