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      What do statistician jobs involve?

      I’ll be honest, I found my degree really challenging. However, in the third year, one of my modules was a research project looking at combining all the evidence for treating neck pain.  I loved every minute of it because it was applying lots of abstract mathematical ideas to real life.

      During my fourth year, I also did a module called ‘medical statistics’.  For me, it was the perfect mix between my love of all things (non-gory) medical and maths. Therefore, I started looking for research jobs in medical statistics. I found one at the University of Liverpool, and the rest, as they say, is history!

      What’s the biggest statistician job challenges?

      For me, the Athena SWAN Initiative is particularly exciting.  It’s a national scheme that recognises the advancement of gender equality in higher education, encompassing representation, progression and success for all.  Shared paternity leave whereby a baby’s mum and dad can both take time away from work to share the responsibilities of parenting is also rather exciting.

      Statistician career opportunities

      The reality of a career in academia (universities) is that you need a degree.  It needn’t be in mathematics at the undergraduate level, but it will need to have a significant numerical component to it.  There are many other ways to a successful career in statistics – the Royal Statistical Society provide lots of information about ways to get into statistics.

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