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Career Guidance

IF YOU’RE EVALUATING your skillset and trying to figure out the type of job you’d excel at, there are a variety of career guidance personality tests that could point the way toward a new path. These are tests that take into account the type of person you are, assessing your strengths, weaknesses and passions by asking you a slew of questions in order to help you decide what the right job is for you.

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Why Take a Career Guidance Test on Personality?

Career personality tests, also called career assessment tests, can be thought-provoking. Even if you think you know what you want to do with your career, a personality or assessment test may show some gaps in your knowledge or an area where you could benefit from additional training. Plus, taking a personality assessment test may provide additional insight into other fields that may be of interest, based on your talent, skills and individual traits.

So, if you’re looking for career guidance, consider these types of career guidance tests:

  • IQ tests.
  • Career Inventories.
  • Personality tests.
  • Aptitude tests.
  • Career tests.

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Personality Tests

Psychological and personality tests analyze your personal qualities, strengths and weaknesses. The answers you provide to these types of questions can help you assess your ideal working style.

Based on your personality, preferences and patterns, you’ll discover the types of professions you’re best suited for. You will find plenty of aptitude test practice and aptitude test tips on this website.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests give one a sense of how good of a fit you are to perform certain tasks – or how likely you are to learn a skill. You will find plenty of aptitude test practice and aptitude test tips on this website.

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Career Guidance Tests summary

Career tests are essentially a personality test and an aptitude test rolled into one. There are plenty of reputable online test sites, including, which features the My Next Move O*NET Interest Profile, a career test sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. The test helps people figure out what their next career should be, and it’s free.

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