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Jobs in Food

Individuals interested jobs in food and nutrition can find a perfect opportunity to grow in various career options the field offers.These can also be varied and include the following
  • chef
  • cook
  • dietician
  • nutritionist
Opening a restaurant can bring large profit to the owner. Notably, knowledge in Maths and Business is essential for calculating cash flows, required stocks, and projections.Being a chef is an exciting profession that mostly involves making sure guests are served good food. Specifically, a chef needs to have cooking, leadership, and organisational skills.

Examples of roles in this field

Below we list some options within this career field. On each of the below pages you will find detailed information on the skills and education needed for each.
Jobs that use food & nutrition, chef in kitchen
Jobs that use food and nutrition, cook with variety of meat
Jobs in food & nutrition, nutritionist in office

How to find a job in Food & Nutrition

There are also a variety of directions you can explore when looking for a job in food & nutrition. Tertiary education would of course give you the upper hand. However some of these careers can be entered through practical experience. Therefore T-Levels might be a great option.Keep an eye on There are various study options and the British Nutrition Foundation might provide further options.

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