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There are many exciting opportunities for jobs in Geography. These include:
  • cartographer
  • conservation officer
  • ecologist
  • farmer
  • GIS technician
  • landscape architect
  • meteorologist
  • planning & development surveyor
  • teacher/lecturer
  • town planner
  • urban planners
Geography provides impressive careers for individuals interested in studying the environment.Ecologists mainly deal with interactions between animals and with their environments. Therefore, they look for ways of protecting endangered species.Conservation officers engage in activities like planting trees to protect the environment. Communication, organizational and time management skills are essential in this profession.

Roles in this field

Below we list some options within this career field. There are various options for jobs in geography. The direction you decide on should be based on your interest firstly. Then look at the career opportunities within that field.
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Jobs in Geography, pic of compass
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GIS Technician

How to find jobs that use Geography

The options for jobs in geography are quite varied. Therefore the directions of study are just as varied.A postgraduate degree would be essential for a lot of these jobs in geography, but not all.Decide on which area of Geography interests you most and work from there to see which opportunities there are in that field. For example, if you are interested in the weather, cartography might not be the best option for your. However, meteorology would be more suitable.There will of course be a lot of other factors involved in your choice of a career field. Therefore it is always great to talk to people in these different areas to get a feel for what the job/career entails and whether it is in line with your ideas around it.Keep an eye on Finding the right career field within Geography could be very rewarding if you do it right.

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