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Jobs in media

Our Jobs in Media Guide lists several career opportunities for those studying ‘media studies’.The options for jobs in media studies include:
  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Actor/Actress
  • Camera man
  • Cinematographer
  • Media Studies teacher/lecturer
A music photographer performs the task of photo-shooting portrait sessions and live events. This job requires photographic knowledge, creativeness, and dedication.A filmmaker is in charge of filming music video and events. They can operate on a freelance basis, thus have the chance of choosing the work that suits their interests.

Examples of these roles

Below we list some options within this career field.There are so many options in this field of work, why not have a look at all the options before you decide.
Jobs in media studies. Cinematographer on beach shooting a scene
Jobs in Media Studies. Digital marketing. Woman working on laptop.
Marketing Jobs
Jobs in media studies. Camera man with his camers
Camera man

How to find Jobs in Media Studies

The options for jobs in media studies are varied. A lot of these positions can also be approached as a freelancer. This will provide you with flexibility and the choice of settings you prefer.A minimum of a postgraduate degree would be preferable for a lot of these jobs in media studies, but not essential.Decide on which area of Media Studies interests you most. Then work from there to see which opportunities there are in that field. For example, if you are interested in the filming, acting or writing might not be what you are looking for.There will of course be a lot of other factors involved in your choice of a career field. Therefore it is always great to talk to people in these different areas. You can then get a feel for what the job/career entails and whether it is in line with your ideas around it.Keep an eye on Finding the right career field within media studies could be extremely rewarding.

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