Man in police uniform doing career tests practice with his son.

Career tests practice

We focus here on careers test practice for specific jobs.

Police situational judgement and aptitude career tests

If you’re applying to become a police officer, as well as fitness tests, you’re likely to encounter tests covering language, numeracy and information handling.

Numeracy tests – similar to numerical reasoning tests.

Language tests – the language test is not quite the same as verbal reasoning it is more testing knowledge of the language. Although some of the tests are tests comprehension skills, similar to our verbal reasoning tests.

The information handling tests – can contain elements of numerical and verbal reasoning along with data analysis.

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Example of Police numeracy test.

Police language test example.

Information handling test example.

Call Centre Operational Career Tests

These are likely to focus on your communication style and competencies such as problem-solving and customer service delivery.

Engineering Career Tests

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd has worked on many situational judgement tests for the graduate entry schemes of engineering companies. In addition to these SJT’s these organisations will typically assess their graduate intake with these three engineering aptitude tests: numerical reasoning test; verbal reasoning test; and diagrammatic reasoning test. See an example of the specific Fault Diagnosis engineering test here.

Cabin Crew, Customer Service Career Tests

The actual psychometric tests used are very dependent on the airline. Most airlines use numerical and verbal reasoning test and some also use a personality test and/or situational judgement test.

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Fire-fighter Career Tests

Firefighters call their tests ‘working with numbers’, ‘understanding information’ and ‘situational awareness and problem-solving’ – but these all align very much with the standard tests mentioned above. If you’re going through the Fire-fighter selection process you will also need to partake in physical ability tests. Some fire brigades also require candidates to sit a personality 

Manager Career Tests

  • Broad range from team leader to senior manager levels.
  • As graduates progress into managers, a more difficult test is needed.
  • More complex item formats to the graduate numerical reasoning test described below.

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Manager Verbal Reasoning Test

  • Most graduate management schemes require some level of verbal reasoning.
  • Typically, true/False/Cannot Say items.
  • With 4-5 questions per 1-2 paragraphs of text.
  • Verbal reasoning test text can be sector-specific.

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Graduate Careers Tests

Most graduate management schemes require some level of numerical skills.
Typically 4-5 questions per graph/data table.

Graduate Critical Verbal Reasoning Test

– Having critical verbal reasoning is a useful differentiator.
– A critical verbal reasoning test differentiates from the high levels of competition for numerical and verbal reasoning graduate aptitude tests.
– For example, the law entrance format (the LNAT).

Graduate Abstract Reasoning Test

  • Graduates have a broad range of aptitude.
  • Abstract reasoning is difficult to practice for.
  • Abstract reasoning tests are used by the most selective recruiters.

Verbal reasoning test practice for Managerial roles

Most managers will need to use higher levels of verbal reasoning when reading or preparing reports. They need to be able to adapt their spoken and written communication style to the situation, whether addressing their subordinates or customers/ clients. Other company reporting procedures, such as appraisals, also require clearly written documentation.

Senior managers and directors will need to use the highest levels of verbal reasoning skills when analysing company reports, dealing with compliance issues and statutory obligations. Here there is a need for concise and accurate communication.

Verbal reasoning test practice for Customer service roles

Effective oral communication is the key to handling customer queries or sales calls. Talking to customers on the phone or face to face demands a flexible communication style. For example, telesales personnel would be expected to respond differently to a customer who was complaining than to one who was a prospective sale. Persuasive presentation skills also rely upon a solid foundation of verbal reasoning skills.

Graduate jobs

Verbal reasoning test practice for PA or administrative roles

A PA’s responsibilities typically include written correspondence. For example, letters and emails, which need to use an appropriate tone and level for the intended audience. Administrative roles also need to check written documents. Also, to file these accurately. Plus, to keep on top of plans and procedures that have been agreed orally or in writing.

Verbal reasoning practice tests – Sales roles

Effective oral communication is the key to converting sales call prospects. In particular, sales roles in call centres which require an even more fluent style of communication style.

Further Tests practice

We offer many other free psychometric tips and practice tests.

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