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      Job specific psychometric test practice

      CEB SHL Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

      Aptitude test practice books

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      Administrative jobs

      Executive Assistant jobs London

      Job specific psychometric tests

      When applying for a position requiring skills such as report writing and assimilating information quickly a graduate may be asked to sit some form of clerical test. The ability to check and classify information accurately helps keep communication clear and effective within an office environment. Clerical work, in general, involves numerous different skills, in particular being able to process detailed information accurately. A written test that closely follows the clerical demands of a particular job may be better described as a ‘job sample’ rather than a generic clerical test.

      Executive Assistant jobs London

      One useful clerical skill is knowing how to spell words correctly and the ability to recognise misspelt words – even though spell checks are now freely available! Spelling test questions may take the form of the examples shown below, where each section contains an unspecified number of misspelt words to be identified.

      What is involved in clerical aptitude test, spelling, grammar and accuracy on paper.

      Clerical Aptitude Tests

      1)                    The patient entered the clinic feeling pesimistic and subdued.  The therapist sytemetically attempted to alliviate her patient’s excrutiating pain.  The patient was very grateful for her therapist’s time and patence.              
      2)                     The professer conducted her innovative research in a sound-proof laboratory.  The details of the research are highly confedential.  The launch of her amazing discovery is scheduled for the forteenth of Febuary.   

      3)                     It is proposed that the traffic-calming scheme will be completed this Autunm.  Some residants of the neghbouring village are petitioning against the scheme.  They are worried that it may increase the number of vechiles coming through their streets.            
      4)                     The athletics championships is an event which unites the whole word into competition.  Partcipants can be multi-disciplined in a variety of major events, spaning everything from discus-throwing to relay-running. 

      Executive Assistant jobs London

      Clerical Checking Tests

      5)                     This has been the most dreadful storm this millenium.  The torrantial rain is causing chaos.  Thousands of devestated families have had to evacuate their homes.        
      6)                     The farocious leopard scoured its home terrain looking for its pray.  A petrified antelope was paralysed with fear as the leoperd steathily launched its attacking ritual.         
      7)                     Your cycling proficiancy test will take place next month.  It is advisible to recap on your highway code in the time leading up to your test.  Remember, it is imperative to put safety first. 
      8)                     The stationary cupboard door must always be kept shut and locked.  This is  a fire percaution.  The key is available from reception.  Always return the key straigth away as others may need it.           
      9)                     The statistical tables show the values of the cummulative distribution functions.  They also contain probability dencity functions of certain common distributions for different values of their parametres.   

      10)                  Volunteer conservationalists worked through the night in a desparate attempt to rectify the damage from the storm.  They specialies in rebuilding fences and moving debrie from pathways.                         

      Clerical Checking Tests

      11)                  He is committed wholehertedly to the values and beliefs of the new movement.  Already his dedication to the promotion of our policies has made a significant impact in our local area.  Therefore please vote for him as our new president in the comittee elections next month.           

      12)                  The punghent dark red, poisenous liquid is used in pesticedes.  Some recent scientific research has shown that if it comes into contact with human skin it causes an itchey rash.        

      13) The tenacious production manager was not respected by the majority of her disilusioned staff.  The personnel department bought this matter to her attention in her annual preformance appraisal.       

      14)                  The impressive new gymnaisium contains the most up-to-date equipement.  Individuals wishing to make use of this new facility are encouraged to have an induction.  Fitness tests and also recomended.

      15)                  It was her fortieth birthday.  She had purchased an exquisite new dress and some jewelery for the occason.  Her happiness was truly visable as she danced gayly to the rhythmn of the music.           

      16)                  A new chimny-pot was required to create a greater draught.  In addition, the mantlepiece needed replacing.  Therefore they decided it was more financialy viable to invest in an electric fire.   

      Executive Assistant jobs London

      Admin Aptitude Tests

      17)                  Although he always excelled in his Maths class, in English he was prone to mispell a large proportion of words.  His vocabulary was also limited and his writing ilegible.  It is recommended that he attends remedial English classes.                      

      18)                  Any perishible items obtained from the delicatesen should be refrigerated immediately.  Raw and cooked meat should always be stored separetely.  All products should be consumed by the date stated.  

      19)                  The endurence test required competitors to tolerate extreme physical challenge.  One potental problem being that the weather forcast had predicted rain and strong winds.      

      20)                  The immaculate appartment was bursting with antiques, and various other treasures he had acumulated from his world-wide travels.  He claimed the most precious items were those with sentimental value.  

      Clerical Aptitude Test Answers

      1pessimistic, systematically, alleviate, excruciating, patience
      2professor, confidential, fourteenth, February
      3autumn, residents, neighbouring, vehicles
      4world, participants, spanning
      5millennium, torrential, devastated
      6ferocious, pray, leopard, stealthily
      7proficiency, advisable
      8stationary, precaution, straight
      9cumulative, density, parameters
      10conservationists, desperate, specialise, debris
      11wholeheartedly, committee
      12pungent, poisonous, pesticides, itchy
      13disillusioned, performance
      14gymnasium, equipment, recommended
      15jewellery, occasion, gaily, rhythm
      16chimney-pot, mantelpiece, financially
      17misspell, illegible
      18perishable, delicatessen
      19endurance, forecast
      20apartment, accumulated

      Aptitude test practice books

      Rob Williams’s five practice aptitude tests books are all available on Amazon:

      Firstly, in our opinion Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

      Secondly, in our opinion, Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests.

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