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Welcome to ‘How to find social worker jobs’. Here we’d like to offer you information on various careers within social care.

Social care is provided by a wide array of organisations and professionals. This also happens within different settings such as families and communities. The jobs in social care are therefore varying and cover many different aspects.

The first of which is How to become a social worker – see below.

How to become a social worker

(1) Entry-level requirements

No specific educational background is required for being a social worker. Professionally one has to complete a bachelor’s degree in social work or a Masters degree in social work. One can also pursue the B.S.W / B.A (SW) degree in social work. Some University also takes an entrance exam for the course on social work.  

(2) Day-in-the-life

Social workers are usually engaged in lending support to individuals and families through tough times and arrange facilities and requirements for vulnerable people. The primary responsibility lies in the improvement of the lives of people in their area of work and maintaining professional relationships and act as advocates and guides.

(3) Career path

As a graduate profession and being qualified as a social worker one can be engaged in many social work courses. This can be followed by undertaking hands-on approach and fast track training and participation in degree apprenticeship and practical social Work programs and activities through collaboration with institutions.

(4) Job opportunities

One can search online such as Council websites and local authority websites: NHS Jobs for a career as a social worker in the NHS trusts or similar charitable organisations. Social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, university alumni network can also be referred for finding a job. One can also take membership in The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) for job opportunities. 

(5) Where to find more information

Membership in BASW, and signing up on recruitment agency such as Seven Resourcing, Caritas, Liquid Personnel that specialises in the role of social work can help to find more information. 

Find out more about jobs in social care in the UK from The NHS Guide to Social Care.

Jobs in Social Care

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Jobs in Social Care