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      Data jobs interview – Data Strategy Manager

      Welcome to our Belle Cartwright interview. Belle is one of the Women in Data Ambassadors. Belle works as a Senior Data & Audience Strategy Manager.

      Data career challenges

      I think the awareness and visibility of women in technical roles are hugely exciting. When I first started I couldn’t name any female CDOs or expert role models in the field. Now I get to call some of them friends. 

      Female entrepreneur opportunities

      My top tip for career success is to be hungry and willing to learn. Technology is evolving and changing rapidly. The people who can get in front of or drive those changes will be the end winners. As a result, entrepreneurship is a key part of my role. I have to actively seek the right business opportunities within this fast-paced ever-changing world. This is for my agency. Plus, for my client in order for us to maintain and grow competitive advantage.

        Our top Data careers advice

      Keep an open mind and always take the opportunities in front of you. You never know where it can lead you. You will have the ability to change fields/roles multiple times in your career. What you like doing/not doing will change as your skillset and experience grows. So don’t get set on one thing. It’s super easy once you have some experience to be able to link it. Or to gain new ones to help you move from one place to the next. The biggest step you can take is the 1st one. So be bold, be brave and experiment until you find the right fit for you. 

      Top Data careers interview

      Here are excerpts from our interview with Leyre Murillo Villar. Leyre is a Women in Data  Ambassador 2020. Leyre works as a CDO Data Controller.

      Data Controller career path

      I did an MSc in Computer Science. The first three years of the degree was focused on data structures and data management. The second part on artificial intelligence and neuronal networks. I had many options and was unsure about which career to pursue. I chose computer engineer degree as it was the most unknown to me. It was where my knowledge gap was bigger and because it sounded fancy.

      Once I finished I started working in Madrid at Deloitte for Santander Group. I developed data analysis initiatives, where I managed to apply all the programming and data skills I had learnt at university. I guess it was a mix of luck, effort and true enjoyment that kept me going. After a couple of years working in the external audit domain for Santander, I joined EY.  I had the opportunity to launch/create the data quality service.

      Biggest Data Controller challenges

      • Firstly, more women in a management position.
      • Secondly, diversity and inclusive policies e.g the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.
      • Thirdly, empowering all women and girls. 

      Data Controller opportunities for women entrepreneurs  

      Having a degree it is definitely not the only path to a successful career. It helps because it gives you the possibility to learn some skills. And a problem-solving mindset that you may need in the future. But the most important part is your willingness to understand problems. To find suitable solutions and your passion to get to the root of the real-life problems. To ask appropriate questions. Plus, to network with different people, connect the dots and find patterns and meaning in the chaos. 

      Top data careers advice  

      Ask questions, understand the why and the how. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, learn from them. Fully embrace chaos and changes, as many challenges will come, use them as a testing environment to try new things. Think where you are today, where you want to be and build your path to get there. 

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