Data Careers

Chief Data Officer – Carruthers and Jackson

In 2018, Caroline was named as one of the Top Women in Data & Technology. Prior to founding Carruthers and Jackson, Caroline worked across multiple industries in strategic data and IT roles, most recently as Group Director of Data at Lowell Group and as the first Chief Data Officer for Network Rail.

Current data career path or were you led to it?

If you do know what you want to do – congratulations but I always just did what I found interesting, in my GCSEs, A-levels and through my degrees before my working life really started. There was never a grand plan but a search for the next puzzle worth figuring out.

Biggest challenges to a data careers

Diversity is recognised as important, that single simple statement is so powerful and it’s crazy to think that it wasn’t always the case.

Absolutely not, it doesn’t fit everyone and nor should it. We aren’t all the same and we should play to our strengths. Some of us are really hands-on or passionately creative or something else that doesn’t want to do more formal education.

Data Careers opportunities

Some of the most amazing entrepreneurs in my area are women, the women in data awards showcase some of these incredible women!!! Data covers so many aspects and is such an interesting career that I think it plays well to women.

School leavers advice

Happiness is a choice, so be happy. There will always be challenges, hard days and times you think you want to crawl into a hole but you can’t, they don’t last and they make you appreciate all the good stuff you get to do and above all have fun and don’t take things so seriously.

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